Kim Kyungah Captured The Title In Brazil (Video)

Kim Kyungah captured the title in Brazil (VIDEO)
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Kim Kyungah from Korea crowned champion of the 2012 World Tour - Brazil Open. The Korean player stood victorious over Feng Tianwei in six close games. This is the third title won by Kim in the year after Spanish and Chile Open. With this victory, Kim probably wins some points to go up in the world ranking and to have a good spot at the Olympics.

Kim Kyungah 4 - 2 Feng Tianwei
video kindly shared by ttonmediothek

Feng Tianwei had no problems to win the first game by 11:6. The Singaporean player kept leading in the second game and put herself 10:8 up but Kim Kyungah managed to save the two game points. The Korean player took her chances and leveled by 12:10. Feng started leading again in the third game and got it by 11:9.

Kim came back into the game and took control of the fourth game. Then Feng put pressure on Kim but the Korean player manage to win by 11:8 and leveled at 2:2. Kim continued on her winning streak and got to be 9:5 up. The Singaporean player didn't give up and put the score 7:9, so Kim called time-out. Players came back to the table and Feng captured the next point and put the score 8:9 but luck was on Kim's side as ball clipped the net and Feng couldn't react at the right time to kept the ball on the table. Finally, the Korean player secured the game by 11:8. Kim took the lead again and sealed her victory by 11:6 in the sixth game.

The Singaporean pairing of Li Jiawei and Wang Yuegu stood victorious in the doubles final after defeating Korea's Dang Yeseo and Seok Hajung in a thrilling match. Korean players managed to be 3:1 up in the score but reigning champions didn't give up and leveled at 3:3. Finally, Li and Wang emerged successfully by 12:10 in the deciding game and defended the title won last year in Brazil.

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