Oh Sangeun Won The 2012 Brazil Open! (Videos)

Oh Sangeun won the 2012 Brazil Open! (VIDEOS)
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South Korea's Oh Sangeun is the new champion of the Brazil Open after beating his fellow teammate Joo Saehyuk. Despite losing a game, Oh dominated the whole match and won his first title of the year. With this victory, the Korean player redeemed himself after being defeated by Jun Mizutani in the recent Japan Open. However, that wasn't all for Oh because he also was crowned champion with Ryu Seungmin in the doubles event.

Oh Sangeun from South Korea was crowned champion of the 2012 Brazil Open after defeating his compatriot Joo Saehyuk by 4:1. With this victory, Oh took revenge of his defeat against Jun Mizutani in the final of the Japan Open and clinched his first World Tour title. In semifinals, Joo overcame Portugal's Marcos Freitas by 4:2, while Oh stood victorious over France's Emmanuel Lebesson, who beat Ryu Seungmin in the previous round.

Joo Saehyuk vs Marcos Freitas - semifinal

Video kindly shared by janus770

Oh Sangeun vs Emmanuel Lebesson - semifinal

Videos kindly shared by janus770

Final: Oh Sangeun 4:1 Joo Saehyuk

Video kindly shared by janus770

Oh swept with Joo by 11:3 in the first game. Then the defensive player offered resistance but it wasn't enough because Oh emerged successfully by 11:9 in the second game. Joo came back into the game and got the third game by 11:4 but Oh didn't lose confidence and took the fourth game by 11:8. Oh dominated the fifth game by 11:5 and won the title.

Oh Sangeun / Ryu Seung Min vs Hugo Calderano / Cazuo Matsumoto

In the doubles event Oh Sangeun and Ryu Seungmin stood victorious over the local pairing of Hugo Calderano and Cazuo Matsumoto by 4:2. Brazilian players put pressure on Oh's and Ryu's shoulders but Koreans weren't intimidated and closed the match on their favor without big problems.

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