Philippe Saive And Mikael Appelgren Stood Victorious At The 2012 World Veteran Championships

Philippe Saive and Mikael Appelgren stood victorious at the 2012 World Veteran Championships
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The 2012 World Veteran Championships came to end on Saturday with Philippe Saive and Mikael Appelgren in the highest place of the podium. The Beligum player cliched the gold medal in the 40-49 category, while Appelgren got another world champions title but in the 50-59 category. On the other hand, Japan dominated the women event with three gold medals.

The 2012 World Veteran Championships held in Stokholm finished successfully. Philippe Saive, Jean-Michel Saive's brother, clinched the gold medal in the 40-49 category after beating Czech Republic's Martin Olejnik by 3:0 in the category 40-49. In the 50-59 category Mikael Appelgren emerged successfully over Australia's Qiwei Lu by 3:2 in the final. The Swedish player took revenge of his defeat suffered in the group phase at hands of the Australian player.

Claus Jorn Pedersen from Denmark was the winner of the 60-64 category as he overcame Austria's Stanislaw Fraczyk by 3:1, while China's Yin Wang won the 65-69 category after defeating Czech Republic's Milos Matejicek in three games. Dieter Lippelt from Germany crowned champion in the 70-74 category by beating  host player Hans Johansson by 3:1. Czech Republic's Josef Rakosnik stood victorious in the 75-79 as he beat Germany's Horst Hedrich by 3:2.

England also clinched a gold medal as Geofrey Bax won the 80-84 category after beating Germany's Rolf Gross by 3:0. The over 85 years category was won by Sweden's Curt Osterholm as he overcame Lumir Ruzha by 3:2.

In the women event, Alessia Arisi got the firts place in the 40-49 event by defeating China's Ping Wang by 3:0, while Yumi Oshima from Japan swept with Sweden's Yue Xia Wang-Friden by 3:0 in the final of the category 50-59. Germany's Monika Kneip overcame Japan's Masako Tamura by 3:0 and won the 60-64 category.

Japan got its second gold medal thanks for Katsuko Okura who won the 65-69 category as she defeated Theresia Foldy from Switzerland in five close games. Akiko Ikeda from Japan collected another first place after defeating her compatriot Michie Yoshimura by 3:0.

Betty Birg captured the second gold medal for England as Betty Bird got the first place after overcoming Akemi Hayashi from Japan in five close games in 70-75 category. Akiko Tosa got the fourth gold medal for Japan as she beat Italy's Edith Santifaller by 3:0 in the category 80-84, while Czech Republic's Eliska Krejcova defeated Sabine Kramer from Germany in the final of the category over 85.

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