William Henzell And Chun Li Won The 2012 Ittf Oceania Championships And Cup

William Henzell and Chun Li won the 2012 ITTF Oceania Championships and Cup
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Australia's William Henzell and New Zealand's Chun Li crowned champions of the 2012 Oceania Championships and Cup held in Fiji Islands. Australia was the biggest winner of the event by dominating the doubles event. On the other hand, New Zealand governed the U-21 event.

William Henzell defended his Oceania Cup's title after defeating his compatriot Robert Frank by 4:1 in the final. In semifinals, Henzell stood victorious over Phillip Xiao from New Zealand by 4:1, while Frank overcame his compatriot David Powell by 4:2. In the women event the winner was New Zealand's Chun Li who beat Australia's Jian Fang Lay in seven games. The bronce medal went to Australian Miao Miao and Vivian Tan.

Australia also stood victorious in the mixed doubles event as Robert Frank abd Jian Fang Lay overcame their compatriots David Powell and Vivian Zhenhau Tan in four straight games.

In the Oceania Cup, Vanuatu's Yoshua Shing emerged successfully over Stephane Gilabert from New Caledonia by 4:0 in the singles final. In semifinals, Shing overcame New Caledonia's Fabien Lai Van, while Gilabert defeated Kiribati's Choy Freddy. In the women event the champion was Cathy Gauthier from New Caledonia after beating Vanuatu's Anolyn Lulu by 4:1. The bronce medal was captured by New Caledonia's Lea Van Lai and Fabianna Faehau.

In the youth event, New Zealand's Phillip Xiao swept with Australian David Powell by 3:0 In the previous match Xiao stood victorious over Australian Kane Townsend, while Powell beat his compatriot Dillon Cathcart. In the girls event, New Zealand's Natelie Paterson clinched the gold medal after defeating New Caledonia's Lea Lai Van by 3:1. Nauru's Oxyna Gobrure and Australia's Eliza Foster got the third place. Xiao and Paterson repeated success in the mixed doubles event as they clinched the gold medal after beating the Australian pairing of Kane Townsend and Eliza Forster.

Photo and info. source: corporate.olympics.com.au (© Ezra Shaw/Getty Images) - ittf.com

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