Zhang Jike And Ding Ning Lead June' S World Ranking

Zhang Jike and Ding Ning lead June' s World Ranking
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The world ranking has a new leader in June and his name is Zhang Jike. The young Chinese player reached another important achievement in his career after the World Championship title: the nº 1 of the world ranking. Zhang Jike had a good performance in May, on the contrary to Ma Long, who suffered an unexpected defeat at the Korea Open, what allowed Zhang to take the top spot. On the other hand, Ding Ning remains at the top of the women world ranking but she's closely followed by her compatriot Liu Shiwen. 


Zhang Jike took control of the World Ranking in June after replacing his compatriot Ma Long at the top of the list. Zhang Jike stood victorious over Xu Xin at the Korea Open and reached semifinals at the China Open, where Xu Xin took revenge and bet him. On the other hand, Ma Long suffered an early departure at the Korea Open as he suffered defeats at hands of Korean Sang Su Lee in the round of 16. However, the Chinese player redeemed himself as he progressed to the final at the China Open, where was defeated by his compatriot Xu Xin. If Ma Long had won the China Open, he would have been at the top of the ranking because there is only one point diference between Zhang Jike and Ma Long, 2933 and 2932, respectively. 

With his victory in China, Xu Xin exchanged places with Wang Hao in the third and fourrh place, while Ma Lin, Timo Boll and Jun Mizutani  stay in the fifth, sixth and seventh place, respectively. Chuang Chih Yuan continues improving and replaced Joo Saehyuk in the eighth place, while the Korean player went down to the tenth one. 

Raising star Koki Niwa moves slowly but surely and already reached the fifteenth place. Probably, we will see him in the top ten soon. Tiago Apolonia has shown improvements after his comeback and went up from the 48th to the 32th place. South Korea's Lee Sang Su, Ma Lon's executioner, gave a big jump from the 60th to the 37th place. Other players who stepped up in the world ranking are Li Hu, Taku Takakiwa, Andrej Gacina, Ruwen Filus, Jaeypung Yoo, Carlos Machado and Patrick Franziska, who overcame Ryu Seungmin at the China Open. 

However, there were also players who went down in the world ranking. Kenta Matsudaira fell from the 44th to the 52th place. Singapore's Zang Zi moved from 49th to the 59 spot. Sweden's Par Gerell and Jorgen Persson didn't have good results in May, what was reflected in their rankings. Gerell appeared in the 80th spot after being in the 69th one and Persson stepped down from the 78th to the 88th place. Czech Republic's Petr Korbel descended from the 87th to the 100th place.  

Ding Ning stays at the top of the women world ranking with 3054 points. The wold champion is followed by Liu Shiwen with 3004 points, who beat her in the final at the Korean Open. With her victory at the China Open, Li Xiaoxia exchanged places with injured Guo Yan and went up to the third spot. Kasumi Ishikawa continues improving and reached the fifth place, her best ever ranking so far, while her compatriot Ai Fukuhara moved from the ninth to the eighth spot. Wang Yuegu remains in the seventh place, while Feng Tianwei stepped down from the eighth to the tenth spot. 

The top-20 is dominated by Asian players but Germany's Jiaduo Wu, Chinese-born, appeared in the fifteenth spot. The first European-born player in the list is Viktoria Pavlovich from Belarus, who jumped from the 26th to the 22th spot. Then Ivanvcan comes in the 38th place followed by Daniela Dodean. Georgina Pota suffered a big fall from the 36th to the 45th spot. Matilda Ekholm, whose National Olympic Committee didn't confirm her participation in London, moved from the 62th to the 51th place. Down in the list Bernardette Szocs appeared in the place 91. 

Japan's Yuki Nonaka, Russia's Yana Noscova, Czech Republic's Dana Hadacova and Spain's Sara Ramirez gave a big jump and are in the top-100. Sabine Winter from Germany wasn't well rewarded for her victory over Li Jiawei at the China Open and just moved from the 131th to tthe 121th place. 

June brings us the Japan and Brazil Open, where China won't be present but Timo Boll will come back to world tour tournaments in Japan. Therefore, there won't be big changes in the higher part of the ranking list. During this month we will also witness the Swedish and Morocco Open as part of the Euro-Africa Circuit.   

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