Ma Lin: Table Tennis Is My Wife! (Videos)

Ma Lin: Table Tennis Is My Wife! (VIDEOS)
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Ma Lin is indeed a great fighter. In Table Tennis, he has shown the world in a number of times that even in critical parts of a match, he can still make a recovery. However, Ma Lin's personal life seemed to be a harder task than Table Tennis. When his divorce broke out, Ma Lin was literally devastated, not to mention the downward turn of his career. Probably with the help of his friends and of course Table Tennis, Ma Lin was able to find a way to accept the situation and moved on. After the incident, Ma Lin has proven to himself and the world that Table Tennis is indeed his life.  

Ma Lin's divorce broke out in the media before the 2009 National Championships. It was not only Ma Lin who was involved but also his family, his coach Wu Jingping and the rest of the team were all caught by the storm. 

Differences between Ma Lin and then wife, Zhang Yi, actually appeared in the early part of 2008 but it was just not known to the public. After the Beijing Olympics, Ma Lin and his former wife went together with other couples of the Chinese Team, Liu Guoliang and his wife and Kong Linghui with girlfriend Ma Su, to a talk show. Even at that time, problems between Ma Lin and Zhang Yi was not obvious.  

Under the spotlight, Ma Lin and Zhang Yi showed unusual love. Actually, you would think that they haven't met for a long time. They just seem to have a wonderful relationship. During the interview, when they were asked if they get along so well, Zhang Yi held Ma Lin's arms and will relay their sweet moments. 

However, Ma Lin and Zhang Yi were not able to to keep the situation from the public. Their divorce created a lot of noise in China which was considered to be the most vicious part of the whole experience. Ma Lin suffered from hair and weight loss. Ma Lin had to face the media more often as ever. It is not only Ma Lin but also his family and coaches were also being covered by the media. Ma Lin, at that time, was indeed under great psychological pressure. 

"Looking at the situation now, it may be a good thing. If it wasn't because of that storm in my family, I could not have had that outbreak in Moscow. It was indeed an experience for me. All of us don't want such thing to happen in our families however, since it happened, then one must face and solve it. I thank those who have hurt me." Ma Lin recalled.

For the reigning Olympic champion, if there was no controversy, he wouldn't know how strong he can be. After the Beijing Olympics, Ma Lin's career was clearly in a downward direction. However, in the Moscow championships, Ma Lin was able to be the main contributor in the Chinese victory against the Germans. 

Ma Lin vs Timo Boll 2010 World Team Championships Men Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Since then, Ma Lin was able to get back his usual competitive self. Instead of focusing on the tragedy, Ma Lin devoted his time to the thing that he loved the most: Table Tennis. He continued to be a pillar in the Chinese Men Team and has also contributed a lot to the glory of Chinese Table Tennis.

For Ma Lin, he undoubtedly went through a difficult time from losing someone he loved. However, his life wasn't totally lost as he had table tennis. 

Ma Lin even said: "Table Tennis would be my wife forever. This will never change!"   

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