Seeds For The Singles Event At The Olympic Games!

Seeds For The Singles Event At The Olympic Games!
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China captured top seeds for the Olympic Games once again. Zhang Jike, Wang Hao, Ding Ning and Li Xiaoxia will lead the Men and Women singles event, respectively. In the Men's event, Jun Mizutani is the third seed followed by Timo Boll, while Kym Kyunah and Kasumi Ishikawa are the next seeded in the Women's event.

Doubtless, China will lead the singles event just like the team event at the Olympic Games. Zhang Jike,current world champion, and Wang Hao, former world champion, are the top seeds and favorites for the title. Things aren't different in the Women's event: Ding Ning, current world champion, and Li Xiaoxia, world championships runner-up, are positioned in the first two places of the seeded list.

Next seeds in the Men's event are Jun Mizutani and Timo Boll. Mizutani gave the biggest jump on his career, as he reached the fifth place in the world ranking this month, while Boll stayed in the seventh place. In the Women's event, Korea's Kim Kyungah is the third seed as she climbed from the 11th to the 5th spot in the world ranking. Japan's Kasumi Ishikawa got the fourth seed thanks to being in the sixth place in the ranking list. 

Next seeds in Men's event are: 5. Chuang Chih Yuan, 6. Joo Saehyuk, 7. Oh Sangeun, 8. Dimitrij Ovtcharov, 9. Vladimir Samsonov, 10. Gao Ning, 11. Jiang Tianyi, 12. Seiya Kishikawa, 13. Michael Maze, 14. Adrien Mattenet, 15. Adrian Crisan, 16. Alexander Shibaev, 17. Marcos Freitas, 18. Chen Weixing, 19. Tang Peng, 20. Bojan Tokic, 21. Panagiotis Gionis, 22. Joao Monteiro, 23. Aleksandar Karakasevic, 24. Alexey Smirnov, 25. Werner Schlager, 26. Yang Zi, 27. Andrej Gacina, 28. Zoran Primorac, 29. Kalinikos Kreanga, 30. He Zhiwen, 31, Vang Bora, 32. Noshad Alamiyan, Kim Hyok Bong, Yaroslav Zhmudenko.

Next seeded in the Women's event: 5. Ai Fukuhara, 6. Feng Tianwei, 7. Tie Yana, 8. Wang Yuegu, 9 Jiaduo Wu, 10. Shen Yanfei, 11. Jiang Huajun, 12. Li Jiao, 13. Viktoria Pavlovic, 14. Li Jie, 15. Li Qian, 16. Park Miyoung, 17. Ri Myong Sun, 18. Daniela Dodean, 19. Ni Xia Lian, 20. Huang Yi-Hua, 21. Liu Jia, 22. Kristin Silbereisen, 23. Georgina Pota, 24. Elizabeta Samara, 25. Kim Jong, 26. Margaryta Pesotska, 27. Iveta Vacenovska, 28. Chen Szu-Yu, 29. Anna Tokhomirova, 30. Li Qiangbing, 31. Natalia Partyka, 32. Li Xue.

The singles event will kick off on Saturday July 28th, one day after the opening ceremony. Therefore, it will be difficult to see table tennis stars in the Stadium on Friday. The team event will start on Friday August 3th and will finish on Wednesday August 8th with the final of the Men's team event.

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