Timo Boll: "I Would Like To Burst Into Tears But I Put Myself Together" (Photos)

Timo Boll: "I would like to burst into tears but I put myself together" (PHOTOS)
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Michael Maze caused the first upset in the round of 16 after sweeping with Jun Mizutani. However, Romania's Adrian Crisan caused the biggest upset after destroying not only Timo Boll's dreams of an Olympic singles medal but also dreams of all TT fans around the world who put their hopes on Boll to steal the gold medal from Chinese players' hands. Despite that painful defeat, Boll had time to talk to the press.

Timo Boll and Jun Mizutani were the biggest casualties of the men singles event. Surprisingly, Michael Maze swept with Jun Mizutani in four games and caused the biggest upset but just some minutes later Adrian Crisan from Romania put an end to Boll's and German fans' dreams of clinching an Olympic medal.

Just after abandoning the arena, Timo Boll was caught by the German press to talk about his excruciating defeat: "I would like to burst into tears but I put myself together. Obviously, I'm very dissapointed. I have no words. I will need some days to recover from this"

Boll about his problems during the match: "I had problems with my service that is a strong weapon. Then I got worse. I tensed up completely. Unfortunately, it's typical for me that this happens at Olympics.

The German star also published his words in his Facebook page: "It's a pity. I'm very dissapointed. I did everthing and I was in good shape. Adrian Crisan played fantastically well and he deserved to win. I was tense in crucial times and Crisan played his best shots. It's bitter but I must go ahead and be complete for the team event. Now I crossed my fingers for Dima! Everything is possible."

Jorg Rosskopf:
"Timo's service didn't have the same effect as usual, several of them were half-long, so Adrian could attack then directly. It's hard to come back into the game when you are under pressure. Boll tried everything and it isn't natural in Timo to give up,it doesn't matter how down he is in the score. He didn't do that this time. Now we must try that Timo recovers quickly for the team event."

Adrian Crisan also talked about the match: " I'm very happy for my very good match. Timo was more nervious than me and he didn't play his best table tennis. I received well his services and attacked them directly. Everything went well for me and luck was on my side in crucial moments."

Now German hopes are put in Dimitrij Ovtcharov who will face Michael Maze in quarterfinal.


Photos retrieved from Tischtennis in Deutschland's Facebook web page -

Photo and info. source: Tischtennis in Deutschland's Facebook web page -

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