Top Spin: A Ping Pong Documentary (Videos)

Top spin: a ping pong documentary (VIDEOS)
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Ariel Hsing, Lily Zhang and Michael Landers are the stars of a table tennis documentary called " Top Spin". The movie will show the last year of American players at home and in countries such as China, Mexico and Germany. The documentary is expected to be release in 2013 but producers don't have enough money to do it, so they launched a fund-raising campaign.

"Top Spin" is a table tennis documentary which shows lives of American stars Ariel Hsing, Michael Landers and Lily Zhang. Sara Newens and Mina T. Son, Co-Director/Editor and Producer, followed players for a year and recorded their lives at home and tournaments in Mexico, China and Germany. Besides, Hsing and Co. will be recorded at the Olympic Games.

The "Top Spin's team" hopes to release the movie in 2013 but they don't have money to do it, so they started a campaing on internet to raise the money. The team needs around $150,000 but their campaign aims to collect just $75,000. 22,866 has been collected so far but the deadline to raise whole amount is on July 19th.

Money collected will be used for:
- Stylized slow-motion shoot with all of our subjects (DP + crew, RED EPIC + studio rental, etc.)

- Olympics shoot in London (airfare, Olympic tickets, etc.)

- Hire co-editors to turn 150 hours of footage into a film 

- Licensing Olympics-related footage

- Hard drives, music, color finishing, sound mix, legal fees

- New website to market and distribute the completed film

Promotional video

Lily Zhang and Erica Wu invite people to donate

Top Spin's web site here

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