Will Werner Schlager Say Good Bye In London?

Will Werner Schlager say good bye in London?
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Olympic Games will be the last tournament of Werner Schlager as an active professional player, according to an Austrian newspaper. However, the former world champion hasn't given up to clinch a medal in London, although he considers his world gold medal got in Paris as a possible Olympic medal.

Werner Schlager has been absent from several international tournaments in the last years and appeared only in international tournaments such as the Europe Top 12 and the World Team Championships in this year. Now Schlager together Chen Weixing and Robert Gardos will represent Austria at the upcoming Olympic Games. According to the Austrian newspaper, this will be the last tournament for the former world champion as an active player.

The 39 years-old player said in a interview with the Austrian Press Agency in May that he has realised in the last year that his body isn't stronger as before. But it isn't only the performance part but also the physical one. He remarked that he has had problems with some parts of his body which he hasn't had never before: his hip, for example.

Despite that he hasn't given up to win a medal in London. However, he clarifies that it isn't a problem for him not to have a Olympic medal. Obviously, it's good, if there are chances to win a medal in both events but that just satisfies ego . Schlager said to be out of that because he won the biggest prize: the world title.

About his aspirations at the Olympics, the Austrian player seemed to be confident and said that his team can beat anyone, even Chinese players. Schlager supported his afirmation with their fourth place got in Beijing and the fifth place in the recent World Team Championships in Dortmund. He accepted that the draw will be important but he said that they have at least  40% chance of beating  all the teams and probably 10% to defeat China.

The Olympics isn't only special for being his possible last tournament but also for the recent birth of her first daughter. Nea Nika is the second child of Schlager after Nick Neo in 2009. Therefore, the Austrian star will have his mind in London and his heart at home.

Photo and info. source: - and Austrian Press Association

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