Timo Boll Pedalling For Hope (Photos)

Timo Boll pedalling for hope (PHOTOS)
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Timo Boll is back to train but he interrupted his training to participate in a charity event on Wednesday. The German player together with politicians and other athletes took part of a bicycle tour called "Tour der Hoffnung" (Tour of hope) in order to raise funds for children who suffer from cancer and leukemia.

German players are back to their daily rutine after the long and hard competition at the Olympic Games. Bastian Steger stayed some more days in London, while Dimitrij Ovtcharov won the Flanders Ostend Masters once again. On the other hand, Timo Boll went back to Germany to spend time with his family. Then he traveled to Dusseldorf to train at the German Federation's training center shared with Borussia Dusseldorf, Timo Boll's club.

However, Timo Boll interruped his training on Wednesday but for a good cause. The German player with other athletes, politicians and businessmen participated in a bicycle tour called "Tour der Hoffnung" (Tour of Hope) to raise funds for children who suffer from cancer and leukemia.

The Tour lasts four days and 400,000 euros were collected only on Wednesday. Money collected in this charity campaign will be invested in research to improve quality of life and increase life expectancy of children who have cancer and leukemia.

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