Zhang Jike Aims To Surpass Liu Guoliang (Photos)

Zhang Jike Aims To Surpass Liu Guoliang (PHOTOS)
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Winning the 2012 London Olympics means a lot for Zhang Jike. As of now, he is not just the Olympic champion but a Grand Slam winner. In addition, as the only Grand Slam holder in the Chinese Men Team, Zhang Jike is also considered to be the new flag-bearer of the Team. Along with these recognitions are responsibilities that are needed to be fulfilled by Zhang Jike. Although he admits that he wants to be the leader, Zhang Jike is also aware that there are still a lot of things that he needs to improve.

Last August 8, Zhang Jike has reached a new milestone in his career as he was crowned as the new Olympic champion. In addition to such achievement, Zhang Jike also completed his Grand Slam and he completed it just within 15 months, the shortest time ever in the history of table tennis.  

"15 months! Speaking from the bottom of my heart, I never expected to get all three major table tennis championships that fast. Actually, I believe that the most important is still the Olympic championships so my yearning for the Olympic Games was really very strong. I also had strong goals and objectives for this competition so I really believe that my performance (in London) was perfect. It was beyond my imagination." Zhang Jike said. 

As of now, Zhang Jike is the only player within the Chinese Men Team who has completed the Grand Slam. The veteran Wang Liqin and Wang Hao lack the Olympic championship while Ma Lin still lacks the World Championship. This only means that Zhang Jike could be the next leader of the Chinese Men Team.   

"Actually every player, on his own wants to be the leader and I am no exception because I am also been struggling towards this goal and to have that opportunity to truly carry the banner of the Chinese Table Tennis Team." Zhang Jike admitted. 

However, Zhang Jike is also aware that he can't just accept the responsibility as there are things the he needs to improve on. "I still have a lot of problems which needed to be continuously improved. Whether it is in the arena or the usual dealings with other people, I still need to improve myself." Zhang Jike humbly added. 

Having the world championship, world cup and the olympic championships all under one's belt could be the highest form of achievement that only a few people have achieved. On this note, is there still something more for Zhang Jike? Does he still have a goal? 

"I hope to get the Golden Slam including the National Games and the Asian Championships. I hope to surpass coach Liu (Liu Guoliang) and coach Kong (Kong Linghui), and to continue to get the world's three championships." Zhang Jike concluded. 

Against criticisms, challenges, and even the Olympic Curse, Zhang Jike has continuously impressed us with his vigour and passion for table tennis. Zhang Jike has been exceeding everyone's expectations in the recent years. In connection with his future goals. there is no doubt that Zhang Jike can once again amaze us with another milestone in table tennis.  

Zhang Jike in the 2012 London Olympics

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