Ariel Hsing Is A Focused Student (Video)

Ariel Hsing Is A Focused Student (VIDEO)
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Recently, America made some noise in the world of table tennis through their young sensation Ariel Hsing. After an impressive performance in London against the eventual winner, Li Xiaoxia, Ariel Hsing achieved new heights after winning the Intercontinental Cup in Huangshi. In an interview, Hsing admitted that she is grateful for her supporters, including the billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates. In addition, the 16-year old also plans to continue her studies into the university. 


Wuhan News. The 16-year old is Ariel using has really made herself famous. In the recently concluded Olympics, Ariel Hsing was able to show her skills and she displayed it against the Chinese main player Li Xiaoxia, the eventual winner. 

Although she lost in 2-4, winning two sets was already considered an achievement for someone young against an experienced Chinese player. "I really did not know why I played well. My dad was watching in the audience and he was very pleased." Ariel Hsing admitted. 

Apart from her skills, her connection with some of the most influential persons in the world, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, is also a factor for her fame. In the Women's World Cup held in Huangshi, the young girl actually had a lot of fans who wanted to have her photo and autograph. 

On this note, fans want to know whether being associated with the US billionaires gives pressure or not. She admitted: "Actually, I've thought about it. I am just glad that there are other people who support me. I am just grateful for everyone. I think I should not see it as a burden. Instead, I should consider it as an opportunity to be confident and to work things harder." 

Although Ariel Hsing is a promising athlete, she is also a very focused student. In fact, she is  already thinking of pursuing her studies in the Stanford University after high school. "I am currently a high school student. Studies and training shouldn't be contradicting." Ariel Hsing concluded. 

In Huangshi, Ariel Hsing was able to improve on her results after earning the Intercontinental Cup. Hsing only ranked second last year in Singapore. Although Hsing is not doing quite well in the qualifying rounds for the main draw, this will still be a wonderful learning experience for her which can lead her to new heights in the future.  

Liu Shiwen vs Ariel Hsing 2012 Women's World Cup
video kindly shared by janus770

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