Ding Ning Explains Her Absence In The World Cup (Video)

Ding Ning Explains Her Absence In The World Cup (VIDEO)
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Yesterday, the ITTF announced the latest update on the Women's World Cup to be held in Huangshi this month. According to the updated list, the defending champion Ding Ning is already replaced by the 2009 World Cup runner-up Guo Yue. In her interview today, Ding Ning clarified that there are no injuries but her condition is not yet in good form as she still lacks the systematic training. However, she revealed that she will be playing in the National Championships under the Beijing Team in October.

Beijing Morning Post - For the third time, the lineup of the Women's World Cup was revised as Ding Ning was replaced by Guo Yue. This will mean that Ding Ning will not be able to defend her title and the Chinese delegates will be Liu Shiwen and Guo Yue. 

Ding Ning said that after the London Olympics, she still hasn't been through a systematic training. She feels that her condition hasn't reached the level required by big competitions so the coaches decided to take her out of the competition. 

"I do not have any injuries. Please be rest assured. I also heard that a lot of fans have already bought the tickets so I just want to apologise to them for not being able to participate in the competition." Ding Ning said. 

In the men division, the defending champion and the newly hailed Olympic champion Zhang Jike also had to give up the competition due to the same reason. After the Olympic Games, the Olympic Team was busy in various activities. This eventually hindered them to get back into training the soonest possible time.  

Now that the celebrations of the Chinese Olympic Team have already entered its end, Ding Ning told the reporters that soon enough, she will be going into training. Ding Ning also disclosed that she will be playing in the National Championships on October and defends the Beijing Team. 

Ding Ning vs Li Xiaoxia 2011 Women's World Cup
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