Liu Guoliang Explains Zhang Jike's Absence In The World Cup

Liu Guoliang Explains Zhang Jike's Absence In The World Cup
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As the head coach of the Chinese Men Team, Liu Guoliang is like a father to his players, looking after their welfare. Recently, the Chinese Team especially Zhang Jike was really in a very tight schedule due to activities left and right. Eventually, the defending champion had to cancel his participation in the upcoming World Cup. In an interview, Liu Guoliang explained his reasons for such cancellation and admitted that he also wants to give his players some time off before going back to training. 


Xinhua. Liu Guoliang has been doing a successful job in maintaining the glory of the Chinese Men Team. Recently, Liu Guoliang along with Zhang Jike, Wang Hao and Ma Long has showed great control in the London Olympic Games. 

Yes we know that the team won't be able to achieve such height in their career if not for their hard work and talent. However, for Liu Guoliang, the great amount of support coming from the community and their sponsors are also a very important factor and in line with this, he wanted the team to give back. 

"The table tennis team has been receiving a strong support form the community and the sponsors. We have completed our task in sweeping all the Olympic gold medals in London and now it's just our time to give back." Liu Guoliang started. 

However, there seem to be downside of all these activities as the trainings of the players are compromised, especially Zhang Jike who has been very busy in attending events after being crowned as the Olympic champion in London. 

"As the double-crowned Olympic prince in London, Zhang Jike had to represent the team in various activities. He is now like a flying trapeze. Since returning after the Olympics, Zhang Jike has lost 6 pounds." Liu Guoliang announced. 

Not having the time to train was the reason for Liu Guoliang not to allow Zhang Jike, the defending champion to participate in the World Cup. "If he will go to the competition like what he is now, it is possible that he may not be able to get good results. If he would play in the competition like this, where his body hasn't fully restored yet and his condition is not in its optimum, injuries will be very much likely to happen, and it would be more harmful than good." Liu Guoliang explained. 

As an Olympic champion and Grand Slam winner as well, Liu Guoliang understands what Zhang Jike is going through recently. 

"Young players like Zhang Jike, after winning the Olympic championship title, the activities can really change their life's pattern, track and rhythm. This is every Olympic champion had to go through - the task to pay social responsibility. But I hope my players can get physical and psychological relaxation. Even five or seven days, I will give them time to relax." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

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