Liu Guoliang: I Am A Passionate Coach (Photos)

Liu Guoliang: I Am A Passionate Coach (PHOTOS)
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A certain amount of success of the Chinese Men Team comes from the abilities of their leader. In their case, the team is led by one of the most passionate persons in table tennis, Liu Guoliang. From being an athlete to being a coach, there is that one thing that remains the same in him and that is passion. As the head coach, Liu Guoliang can easily make his players inspired in the game through his passion.

Tencent Sports - Liu Guoliang is a smart coach and at the same time, he has passion. Whenever his player wins any game, he will certainly express his satisfaction with clenched fist and loud cheering. If it turns the otherwise, Liu Guoliang will not hesitate to criticise the player not to discourage but to inspire. 

The most memorable scene to everyone was the Round 16 of the 2005 World Championships where Liu Guozheng survived a tight seven-set match against Timo Boll in 15-13 in the decider. Liu Guoliang was so relieved that he embraced Guozheng and kissed him, leaving a passionate moment. 

"Everyone has his own character. When I was still a player, I was already a passionate team member. Now that I am the head coach, I just changed to a passionate coach." Liu Guoliang said.

"I think that being passionate is a good thing because when you lead a team, you can easily make your players be passionate as well and we know that players should be passionate." Liu Guoliang added. 

However being passionate is not enough to be a great coach. The head coach should be like the head of a monarchy and ensure that everyone's emotional stability is maintained. So being calm is essential. 

As the youngest head coach of the Chinese Men Team, pressure for Liu Guoliang was inevitable. In the 2004 Athens Olympics, the team lost the most precious Olympic gold medal in the competition after Wang Hao lost to Ryu Seung Min of South Korea. Liu Guoliang actually gained a lot of criticisms after the incident

Liu Guoliang said frankly that there will certainly be ups and downs as a coach. This requires a coach a stronger heart. "When I was an athlete, I often lose. During the finals of big competitions, the probability of losing is actually greater than winning. However, there is always a rainbow after the storm. just have a strong heart, always believe in yourself, and know that you can do anything. Those are very important." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Liu Guoliang as Head Coach

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