Liu Guoliang's Love Story (Photos)

Liu Guoliang's Love Story (PHOTOS)
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The head coach Liu Guoliang met his wife, Wang Jin during a training camp in Hebei when Liu was still 16 years old. Although the team was still very strict in issues about romantic relationships within the team, it did not stop Liu and Wang to see each other and continue with their relationship. They went with the flow and when both have already been doing well in their respective careers, Liu Guoliang and Wang Jin decided to tie the knot in Beijing.

At the age of 16, Liu Guoliang participated in a table tennis training camp in Hebei. Who would have known that it would be Liu Guoliang's opportunity to have a glimpse of his soon-to-be wife. 

During the training, Liu Guoliang noticed two girls from the second team every morning who actually got the interest of Guoliang. However, he never saw the faces of the two girls very clearly so his curiosity increased as he was looking forward in seeing them. 

"Later on, I found that the two girls were actually beautiful but Wang Jin was prettier so I picked the most beautiful." Liu Guoliang admitted. On the other hand, the appreciation was not a one way traffic. Wang Jin also said that Liu Guoliang was her idol. "How ever you look at him, he looks handsome." Wang Jin exclaimed. 

Because of this, both started seeing each other secretly as the Chinese team was still not very open about such issue at that time. They were really strict about love affairs within the team. Despite a challenge, Liu Guoliang can still find time to date Wang Jin. 

The first date of Liu Guoliang and Wang Jin was in a Korean barbecue restaurant. After dinner, Liu Guoliang invited Wang Jin for karaoke. At that time, Liu Guoliang still needed to ask for assistance from some of his teammates. Since then, Liu Guoliang and Wang Jin got together officially

When asked about their most romantic memory, Liu Guoliang answered: "walking in the rain." "The stronger the rain, the better. Because everyone is busy looking for some place to cover themselves, not much people will notice us." Liu Guoliang answered. 

Because of the fear that the team will discover their romantic affair, Wang Jin preferred to play for a Japanese Club and was gone for four years. Since then, both parties had to endure a hard but sweet long distance relationship. Instead of spending money on dates and gifts, Liu Guoliang and Wang Jin had to spare for their expensive international calls. 

The relationship of Liu Guoliang and Wang Jin remained that way as both players showed developments in their respective careers in the National Team. Both were successful in keeping their relationship away from the attention of the world. In 2003, Wang Jin returned to Beijing and started a company. Also in that year, Liu Guoliang assumed the head coach position after completing his Grand Slam. 

With two having their own successes, their relationship started to come out to the open. In August 18, 2006, Liu Guoliang finally tied the know with his girlfriend Wang Jin and started a family.  

Liu Guoliang is one of the biggest names in table tennis, being the first Grand Slam winner in the Chinese team and now the head coach of the Chinese Men Team. Of course, such recognition came from hard work and focus. However, its nice to know that growing up, Liu Guoliang was also any normal guy who actually spends time doing something away from table tennis. 

Liu Guoliang and Wang Jin

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