Natalia Partyka Clinched Her Third Paraolympic Gold Medal!

Natalia Partyka clinched her third Paraolympic Gold Medal!
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Poland's Natalia Partyka repeated success of previous years and captured the Paraolympic gold medal for third time in a row. However, Partyka didn't win easily as many thought. The Polish player was challenged by 16-years-old Yang Qian from China, who forced Partyka to go to great lenghts.

Natalia Partyka was crowned Paraolympic champion for third time in a row after beating Yang Qian from China in the final. The Polish player had stood victorious by 3:0 in the previous matches of her class 10 but the final match would be totally different. Partyka won the first game by 11:5 but Yang leveled by 13:11. The Polish player took the lead again after taking the third game by 11:9. However, the Chinese player didn't give up and leveled by 11:7. In the deciding game the score was at 9:9 but Partyka's game prevailed and secured her third gold medal by 11:9.

After the match, ITTF captured Partyka's first impressions: "I'm very happy that I won, it was not easy; everybody wanted to beat me and there was a lot of pressure. I tried my best. It was so close, I was so nervous, I was shaking; Yang Qian surprised me with her good game." Partyka also added that now she is thinkg in Rio 2016, where she hopes to win a medal at the Olympics.

Clearly, It wasn't an easy match for Partyka and she didn't have an easy task to defend her title in Rio 2012 because Yang Qian's career is just beginning. The Chinese player is only 16 years old and confessed that these Games are her first international competition. 

Partyka and Yang weren't the only players in competition because other classes also competing for first places. All results below:

Men's singles event class 1: 1. Germany's Nikelis Holger, 2. France's Jean-Fracois Ducay, 3. Great Britain's Paul Davies.
Men's Singles event class 2: 1. Slovakia's Jan Riapos, 2. Korea's Kim Kyung Mook, 3. France's Fabien Lamirault
Men's Singles event class 3: 1. China's Pan Feng Feng, 2. Serba's Zlatko Kesler, 3. Germany's Thomas Schmidberger
Men's Singles event class 4: 1. Korea's Kim Young Gun, 2. China's Yan Zhang, 3. Egypt's Sameh Saleh
Men's Singles event class 5: 1. Norway's Tommy Urhaug, 2. China's Ningning Cao, 3. Korea's Jung Eun Chang
Men's Singles event class 6: 1. Thailand's Rungroj Thainiyom, 2. Spain's Alvaro Valera, 3. Denmark's Peter Rosenmeier
Men's Singles event class 7: 1. Germany's Jochen Wollmert, 2. Great Britain's William Bayley, 3. Mykhaylo Popov
Men's Singles event class 8: 1. China's Shuao Zhao, 2. Slovakia's Richard Csejtey, 3. Sweden's Emil Andersson
Men's Singles event class 9: 1. China's Ma Lin, 2. Austria's Stanislaw Fraczik, 3 Netherlands' Gerben Last
Men's Singles event class 10: 1. Poland's Patryk Chojnowski, 2. China's Yang Ge, 3. Davis Jacobs
Men's Singles event class 11: 1. Hungary's Peter Palos, 2. Korea's Byeongjun Son, 3. France's Pascal Pereira-Leal

Women's Singles event class 1-2: 1. China's Jing Liu, 2. Italy's Pamela Pezzutto, 3. France's Isabelle Lafaye Marziou
Women's Singles event class 3: 1. Sweden's Anna Caron Ahlquist, 2. Austria's Doris Mader, 3. Slovakia's Alena Kanova
Women's Singles event class 4: 1. China's Ying Zhou, 2. Serbia's Borislava Rankovic, 3. Korea's Sung Hye Moon
Women's Singles event class 5: 1. China's Bian Zhang, 2. China's Gai Gu, 3. Sweden's Ingela Lundback
Women's Singles event class 6: 1. Russia's Raissa Chebanika, 2. Ukraine's Antonina Khodzynska, 3. Ukraine's Yulia Klymenko
Women's Singles event class 7: 1. Netherlands' Kelly Van Zon, 2. Russia's Julija Ovsyannika, 3. Ukraine's Viktoria Safonova
Women's Singles event class 8: China's Jingdian Mao, 2. France's Thu Kamkasomphou, 3. Sweden's Josefin Abrahamsson
Women's Singles event class 9: China's Lina Lei, 2. Turkey's Neslihan Kavas, 3. China's Mei Li Liu
Women's Singles event class 10: Poland's Natalia Partyka, 2. China's Yang Qian, 3. China's Lei Fan
Women's Singles event class 11: Hong Kong's Ka Man Wong, 2. Hong Kong's Chi Ka Yeung, 3. Russia's Anzhelika Kosacheva

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