Zhang Jike: An Eligible Bachelor (Photos)

Zhang Jike: An Eligible Bachelor (PHOTOS)
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Winning the Olympic championship title does not only mean recognition and fame but also has a monetary effect. Recently, in an award ceremony organised by the Yanjing Beer Group, Zhang Jike just received a fat pay check to compensate all his hard work from the London Olympics. At the young age of 24, Zhang Jike has already given his parents two houses, bought himself a car, and made himself the most eligible bachelor within the Chinese Table Tennis Team. 


Sports Weekly. After the London Olympics, the double-crowned Olympic prince Zhang Jike has already been receiving various recognitions and awards. Just recently, Zhang Jike earned another award and gets even richer.  

Last September 8, Zhang Jike and the rest of the Chinese Olympic Table Tennis Team gathered in Beijing for an awarding ceremony organised by the Yanjing Beer Group Corporation, one of their supporters. In the ceremony, the Chinese table tennis team received 3.6 million yuan, or roughly 500,000 US dollars, as a bonus for maintaining their glory in the sport.

For two consecutive Olympic seasons, the Chinese Team has maintained their unmatched status in the world of table tennis. In fact, they even made themselves unreachable after they raised the level of competition once again. Indeed, the bonus awarded to the team is very much justified.

Of course, as the Olympic champion, Zhang Jike received special awards. The newest Grand Slam champion received 500,000 yuan, or 70,000 US dollars, just for winning the Olympic Men's Singles gold medal. 

In addition, Zhang Jike also takes part of the 1 million yuan, or 150,000 US dollars, that was awarded to the Olympic Team for winning the Men's Team championship title.  

Before the London Olympics, Zhang Jike has already a very wide fan base in China. After his victory in London, Zhang Jike got even more popular, with numerous endorsements left and right. We all know that in every endorsement, there is money involved. 

At age 24, being the newest and fastest Grand Slam champion, having earned two houses, a car and cash, Zhang Jike is one truly envied individual. 

Apart from those material possessions and achievements, with good looks and a distinctive character, Zhang Jike has became one of the hottest Olympic champion in China's sports industry. In fact, he is the most eligible bachelor of the Chinese Men Team. 

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Zhang Jike as a celebrity

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