Shi Zhihao Admits Full Responsibility For The Defeat In Moscow

Shi Zhihao Admits Full Responsibility For The Defeat In Moscow
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The time has come for Shi Zhihao to end his coaching career in the Chinese Women's Team. Recently, the retired head coach revealed the highlights of his career to the PingPang World Magazine. In his column, Shi Zhihao admitted that his biggest frustration was indeed their defeat in Moscow. However, even though he has the power as the coach, he humbly and bravely accepted the failure and more importantly the responsibility from his mistake.

PingPang World Magazine. The retired head coach of the Chinese Women's Team Shi Zhihao recently had an interview with PingPang World where he revealed some of the main points he experienced in his entire career as the coach. 

"I participated in the selection process for the head coach position in 2008. That time, I hoped that I would be able to meet their standards and conditions." Shi Zhihao started. 

After the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Shi Zhihao revealed that he was still aiming for more but he knew that the new Olympic cycle would be much different and harder. For him, even without the veterans Zhang Yining and Wang Nan, he still wanted the Chinese Women's Team to continue their brilliance.  

However, Shi Zhihao and the Chinese Women's Team encountered a big blow. Who would have expected them to be defeated by the Singaporean Team in the 2010 Moscow World Team Championships. For the retired head coach, their defeat in Moscow is his biggest frustration.

"My biggest frustration in the Olympic cycle for London was the team's failure in the Moscow World Championships. I have never avoided such setback. For the past two years, I have been telling all the players to be brave enough and face such failure. It was the only way for us to get through it. If we will just be cowards then it would be impossible to overcome the difficulties." Shi Zhihao admitted. 

In addition, Shi Zhihao was also brave and humble enough to accept his mistakes. As the head coach of the strongest team in the world, Shi Zhihao did not have an escape route from such responsibility. 

"I had a mistake in my job and I admit it. I also have to face it. I used such attitude to better understand the situation. In that way, it will still be possible for us to regain the glory in table tennis." Shi Zhihao said.

Indeed, after a painful lesson in Moscow, the Chinese Women's Team regained control and did not anymore faltered against foreign opponents. In last year's World Team Championships, a new Chinese Women's Team emerged in Dortmund. There were so strong to be defeated even against the Singaporeans. They nailed a stunning 3-0 in the finals. 

In addition, the Chinese Women's Team maintained their strength and swept all their opponents in the 2012 London Olympics, clinching the Olympic Team's gold medal. 

There is no denying that the Chinese Women's Team once failed but in all failures, what is important is the ability to stand up and move on. On this regard, Shi Zhihao was successful and his contributions will always be cherished by his former players and all table tennis fans. 

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