Will Dimitrij Ovtcharov Get Married? (Photos)

will Dimitrij Ovtcharov get married? (Photos)
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Wedding bells sound for Dimitrij Ovtcharov and his girlfriend Jenny Mellström. According to the German Federation, rumours about Ovtcharov's engagement emerged during the 2013 Donic Energi Masters. However, the wedding wouldn't be this year but in 2014. 

Dimitrij Ovtcharov's first appearance in 2013 was overshadowed by rumours of wedding. The German Federation announced on its web site that the Olympic medalist got engaged to his girlfriend Jenny Mellström during his ten-days holidays in Abu Dhabi. Rumours became good news after Ovtcharov confirmed the information. The wedding is fixed for Summer 2014. 

Jenny, who was part of the Sweden youth table tennis team, is living with Ovtcharov in Düsseldorf since April 2012 and have gone with him to different tournaments such as the World Team Championships, the Olympics and the Euro-Asia All Stars Series. 

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