Kong Linghui Sees Threat From The Japanese Team

Kong Linghui Sees Threat From The Japanese Team
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Koki Niwa and Kenta Matsudaira have been sensational in this year's competitions and this was noticed by the head coach Liu Guoliang. However, it is not only the men's division who saw the threat from the young Japanese players. Kong Linghui, the head coach of the Women's Team, also feels the same way especially when he saw young players already competing in the international arena. 


PingPang World. The Chinese Team has remained a dominating figure in the world of women's table tennis. But, seeing how the Japanese Team has stepped up their training, Kong Linghui sees threat. 

With the Chinese Team dominating in every competition, the table tennis sport has now become a challenge of world against China. In every competition, the Chinese players are always the ones to watch out for. And if foreign players want to win the title, they must be prepared to face not just one Chinese opponent. 

Although China has maintained a strong foundation, their coaches would not want to be too complacent. In this year's Suzhou Open, the head coach of the Women's Team, Kong Linghui saw something from the Japanese Team.   

"As for the women's team, most of our opponents are Chinese-born foreigners. However, in recent years, the Japanese Team has stepped up their efforts in training their younger players. In the Suzhou Open, the Japanese Team had more than 50 delegates and there were a lot of young players. Some of them have made a big impact on our players. Their conditions and techniques were good. At age 13 or 14, they are already starting to play in the international arena." Kong Linghui started. 

For the Chinese Team, in order to have the opportunity to play in international arena, their players should be around 16 or 17 years old. With this, the players (in the same age bracket) from Japan can be stronger than the Chinese players because of experience. "I think they have some players who are threatening." 

Among those players, the head coach specially mentioned Misaki Morizono who caused a great impact on Zhu Yuling. "Among them was Misaki Morizono who gave a difficult match to Zhu Yuling. It was actually difficult for Zhu Yuling to achieve victory." He added. Zhu Yuling was forced to a decider in the Women's Singles Round 32 before achieving victory. 

Although China has sensed some concerns from the Japanese Team, the Chinese coach is still confident with their own structure and that they can meet any challenge or reform. 

"However, the structure of the Chinese Team is very solid and we attach great importance to it. Although some changes are more harmful than beneficial, we have a lot of people to do research on training and how to be more advance than the others. Therefore, we have the confidence to meet any challenges or reforms." Kong Linghui concluded. 

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