Zhang Yining Returns To The World Of Table Tennis

Zhang Yining Returns To The World Of Table Tennis
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The women's table tennis was once ruled by the Chinese Grand Slam champion Zhang Yining. With her countless achievements whether in the international, Asian, or domestic scene, Zhang Yining was a dominating figure. But eventually, her dominance had to end when she retired in 2011. Now, after giving birth to her daughter, Zhang Yining returns to what she really loved, table tennis. 


PingPang World. The Grand Slam champion Zhang Yining was once a pillar of Chinese women's table tennis. Now that she is already retired, Zhang Yining is very satisfied for having a job in the Chinese Table Tennis Academy. 

With 4 Olympic gold medals, 10 World Championships and 4 World Cup, not to mention her titles from the domestic and Asian arenas, Zhang Yining was truly one of the few great players in women's table tennis. However, her dominance in the sport ended when she got married in 2009 and eventually retired in 2011. 

Immediately after her announcement of her retirement, Zhang Yining went to  America to study English. In April 2012, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Since then, she was focused to being a hands-on mother. 

Just recently, Zhang Yining came back to the world of table tennis, not to be an athlete but as the assistant dean of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy. Although their building hasn't been finished yet, Zhang Yining is already feeling great promise. 

"I feel very curious and pleased. I would be able to witness the building of the Chinese Table Tennis Academy. I am very happy. I hope that the building will be finished as soon as possible so that I would be able to see what would it look like at the end. Although I just started working, I feel that it would be better if I will have my own office. Sitting inside it will create a new experience. My work is not burdensome and there is clear distinction between family and work." Zhang Yining said. 

For her, her current work has some challenges as well. Zhang Yining also acts as a coach giving pieces of advice to the younger kids in table tennis. In addition, she doesn't only teach the players but also the coaches. Despite challenges, Zhang Yining feels good with her new job.  

"What is certain is that, I am very much satisfied with my current work-life conditions. After giving birth, I've never felt life is heavy nor too tired that I cannot straighten up my back. My job is not complicated and I haven't left table tennis. It is not boring. The current work-life conditions I have now is much smoother than the kind of life I expected after retiring." The Grand Slam champion concluded. 

Photo source: Sina Sports


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