Ma Long For Super League's Most Valuable Player

Ma Long For Super League's Most Valuable Player
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The highest ranking player in terms of individual performances during the regular season of the Chinese Super League is usually crowned the Most Valuable Player. For this year, Ma Long overtook Xu Xin and Yan An and stands at the top. This means that the star player of the champion team, Ningbo, will be in the running for this year's MVP.

CTTSL. The regular season of the 2013 Chinese Super League ended with Ma Long placing at the top of the individual rankings with just 2 losses. With this, the Ningbo's star player is most likely to be crowned Most Valuable Player again. 

The Ningbo Team has maintained their strength in this season's Chinese Super League. With the same lineup of Ma Long, Yan An and Joo Sae Hyuk, Ningbo successfully defended their championship title. However, it is not only the team who receives recognition but their star player as well. 

With 22 wins and 2 losses, Ma Long ranks first in the individual rankings. Although Ma Long clearly played less this season, his winning percentage is very high and that is why he is on top. Before the regular season ended, Xu Xin and Yan An were actually fighting closely for the top spot but as their losses increased, they went down. 

Shanghai's forerunner, Xu Xin finished in second place with 27 wins and 10 losses. He is followed by another player from Ningbo, Yan An. He got 27 wins and 9 losses. 

Although the Jiangsu Team wasn't able to reach the play-offs, their main player, the 2008 Olympic champion, Ma Lin is in top 4 with 17 wins and 12 losses. The Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike finished at fifth place with 17 wins and 8 losses. 

Zhang Jike was crowned as the Most Valuable Player for seasons 2010 and 2011. But last season, he fell short as Ma Long took the top spot. This season, Ma Long will most likely defend the award.  

Photo source: ChinaNews 

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