Wang Hao Seek The Advise Of Liu Guoliang On Parenting

Wang Hao Seek The Advise Of Liu Guoliang On Parenting
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As the head coach of the National Team, Liu Guoliang is the most important person to be approached by players about table tennis concerns. However, Liu Guoliang also has more to offer than just being a coach. As Wang Hao recently had his first born, the player asked for guidance on parenting especially during the delivery of his wife. In addition, Wang Hao revealed some of the scenes during delivery. If he was not in the operating room, then who accompanied his wife?   

Sohu Sports. The relationship within the Chinese National Team transcends from just professionalism. They are more than just teammates. They are family so when Wang Hao received a new role in life, Liu Guoliang is happy to assist the player. 

Last October 30, Wang Hao happily announced that he is now a father after his first born was delivered by 11 am. "The feeling of being a parent is not the same with what I imagined before." Wang Hao told Sohu reporter over the phone. 

According to Wang Hao, his wife was actually due last October 24 but their child still did not want to come out so the family was already very anxious. Facing such concern, Wang Hao chose to seek for Liu Guoliang's guidance, not on table tennis this time, but on the delivery of his wife. 

"I have asked coach Liu Guoliang and he told me some more detailed things. With the concern that she might get anxious, he told me that I should always comfort and encourage Xiaoya (his wife). Since Xiaoya was already due to give birth, I ensured that I will always be there at her side to care and comfort her. I needed to be calm." He added. 

According to the hospital policy, two members of the family can accompany the mother during labour. Through his careful consideration, Wang Hao decided to give up such opportunity and have their mothers assist in the delivery. "After all, they have the experience. I could only be like a spiritual support. In addition, seeing her mother would definitely make her feel at ease." Wang Hao revealed. 

Outside the delivery room, Wang Hao was feeling both excited and anxious. "The first thing I said after entering into the room was to my wife. I told her that she was so great and brave." After which, Wang Hao was able to hold his baby for the first time. "I suddenly felt that I am already a father as soon as I saw my son. I have a child now!" Wang Hao said excitingly. 

Being a great table tennis player himself, it wouldn't be much of a surprise if he will get his son to follow his footsteps. However, as of this moment, Wang Hao would want to cherish the innocence if his son and only hopes one thing, good health. 

"I hope the baby will stay healthy. This is the most important." Wang Hao concluded.

Photo source: CFP

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