Chinese Team Undergoes Military Training (Photos) (Video)

Chinese Team Undergoes Military Training (Photos) (VIDEO)
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Before setting up for this year's Winter Closed Training, the members of the Chinese National Team goes to the military camp for an eight-day military training. For the head coach Liu Guoliang, this training aims to increase the combat effectivity of his members in preparation for the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. 

Sina Sports. The strength of the Chinese Team doesn't only come from their trainings in gyms and table tennis arenas but also from military camps. Yearly, the Chinese Team have their players in military trainings to enhance their effectiveness as athletes. 

Still as a communist country, China has a lot to do with military and for the Chinese National Table Tennis Team, military training is important to enhance the overall strength of their players. 

"I feel that (wearing the military uniform) also shows a sense of determination and attitude." Liu Guoliang started. 

The Military Training of the Chinese Team started last December 14. They will have a total of 52.5 hours of training and will have their military presentation on December 21. In a day, there is morning exercise, regular training, and some activities in the evening. Among them includes fitness, aim and target, and firing, among others. 

Of course, being in a military camp could be very demanding. All participating members of the Chinese Team must adhere to every aspect of training and reach 100% in rating. The head coach has no little expectations either. 

"We are still focused for the 2016 Olympics. There has been big changes as to the lineup from the coaches to the players. After the London Olympics and the National Games, we have been adjusting. I hope that through the military training, our young players and coaches would be able to start a momentum for our Winter Closed Training." The head coach added. 

Lastly, Liu Guoliang also hopes that his team will increase their combat effectiveness through the military training. 

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Chinese Team's Military Training 2013

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