Ma Lin Wants To Be A Father Soon (Photos)

Ma Lin Wants To Be A Father Soon (Photos)
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The 2008 Olympic champion Ma Lin became the third member of the Chinese National Team to be married this year after Chen Qi and Wang Hao. After a series of bad news on the love lives of Kong Linghui and Wang Liqin, Ma Lin surpassed the world yesterday after his wedding with Zhang Yaqing took place in Beijing. It was attended by more than 200 guests where some of them coming from the table tennis circle. 

Sohu Sports. Yesterday, December 8, the Four Seasons Hotel in Beijing was filled with guests after the 2008 Olympic champion Ma Lin was married to Zhang Yaqing. This was the headline in table tennis news. 

There has been a series of breakups happening in the Chinese National Team. First was the Kong Linghui's relationship with actress Ma Su then followed by the sad ending of Wang Liqin and long-time girlfriend and media personality Liu Yanchi. 

After the breakups, the veteran Ma Lin surprised everyone yesterday with his wedding with Zhang Yaqing, born in Handan, Hebei in year 1982. 

The celebration was well attended by more than 200 people with some of the them coming from the table tennis circle. Xu Yinsheng, Li Furong, Chinese Team's head coach Liu Guoliang, Team Leader Huang Biao, Women's Team head coach Kong Linghui, and Mixed Doubles partner Wang Nan, among others were just few of them. 

While Wang Hao had the Grand Slam champion Zhang Jike as his groomsman, Ma Lin had Ma Long and Xu Xin suited up for the role. 

The wedding was held in Four Season's Hotel in Beijing. Unlike Wang Hao's wedding, which was broken out to the media several weeks before the actual wedding, Ma Lin was able to keep it a secret. 

In an interview, Ma Lin admitted that he would want to be a father soon but such must happen at the right time. 

Congratulations to the newlyweds, Ma Lin and Zhang Yaqing! 

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Ma Lin's Wedding

Photo source: Sohu Sports

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