Ma Long Had A Good Time In The Military Camp

Ma Long Had A Good Time In The Military Camp
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The Chinese Team has always given their efforts in maintaining their strength over the table tennis sport. For them, having their players in a Military Training can be very helpful. But it is not always following orders inside the camp. Before their training ended, Ma Long's pictures smiling and fooling around spread over various Chinese websites, showing that Military Training can also be fun. 

Sohu Sports. The Chinese Team can be really serious during training. That is why their efforts always pay off. But in their recent Military Training, Ma Long shows that they can also fool around.  

"We have worked really hard in the past few days but the results of our hard work paid off. I learned a lot." Ma Long started. 

Ma Long has been a member of the Chinese National Team for several years now and that means he is no stranger to the Military Training which has been a yearly tradition for the Chinese Team. "I have been in a number of Military Trainings before so I'm already familiar with the basics. The younger players are much stronger than before. There was no problem so it was good." He added. 

While the others were concerned with the very cold temperatures during the training, Ma Long seemed just fine. "We were not outside for a really long time. Compared to the previous years, the weather this time has been good. The sun is up so it wasn't that cold. We haven't though that it was that hard." Ma Long explained. The temperature during their training was in the negatives. 

Lastly, Ma Long hopes that what he learned in the Military Training will help him better adjust in the upcoming Closed Winter Training and for next year's World Team Championships. 

"There was hardly any systematic training since after the World Championships in Paris until now. As soon as the Winter Training will start, I hope to adjust well so that I would be able to prepare for next year's World Team Championships." Ma Long concluded.

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Chinese Team in Military Training 2013


Photo source: Sohu Sports

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