Wang Liqin & Others Also Retire From The National Team

Wang Liqin & Others Also Retire From The National Team
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The Chinese National Team will be missing a lot of players starting next year as the day has come for the retirement of their veterans. Aside from Ma Lin, the three-time world champion Wang Liqin among others were also revealed to have officially retires from the National Team of China. Unlike Ma Lin, Wang Liqin will surely be missed in the arena as he will not be playing in the Super League next season. 

Dalian Evening News. Just like any of us retirement is inevitable and such time has already arrived for the world champion Wang Liqin. This was revealed by the head coach Liu Guoliang himself. 

"In addition to Ma Lin, Wang Liqin, Chen Qi, Qiu Yike, Zhang Chao, Zhai Chao, Zhai Yiming, and Xu Ruifeng have officially retired from the National Team." Head coach Liu Guoliang revealed. He also stated during the interview that age was the major factor. 

It was reported that on the day before Ma Lin's wedding, the letters for retirement from the eight athletes were approved. 

Although Wang Liqin and Ma Lin are both big champions, Liu Guoliang said that they wouldn't be staying in the Chinese National Team as coach in the future. 

Last week, Wang Liqin was appointed as the new director of Shanghai Table Tennis & Badminton Centre. Yesterday, we reported that he wouldn't be playing in the Super League for some time due to lack of training. Meanwhile, Shanghai Team's coach, Xi Minjie confirmed that the veteran won't be playing in next season's Super League. 

Wang Liqin will surely be missed in the table tennis arena. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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