2013 Qatar Open: Feng Tianwei Eliminated In Quarterfinals

2013 Qatar Open: Feng Tianwei eliminated in quarterfinals
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Feng Tianwei is the biggest loss so far in the 2013 Qatar Open. The Singaporean player suffered defeat by hands of the world junior champion zhu Yuling, who also eliminated Olympic champion Li Xiaoxia in the recent 2013 Kuwait Open. Therefore, China already secured the title in Qatar, because Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia and Liu Shiwen also emerged successfully in their quarterfinal matches. 



Feng Tianwei couldn't repeat her performance showed in the recent 2013 Kuwait Open, where she beat Ding Ning and reached the final, and was eliminated in quarterfinals of the 2013 Qatar Open. Feng's executioner was the world junior champion Zhu Yuling, who also defeated none other than Li Xiaoxia in quarterfinals of the Kuwait Open. Zhu took the lead in an impressive way after winnning the first three games by 11:4, 13:11 and 11:5. Feng didn't seem to be showing her best performance, while the young Chinese player was executing good backhand blocks into Feng's forehand. However, the Olympic bronze medallist fought back and managed to get the next two games by 11:7 and 11:5. Unfortunately for Feng, she couldn't do a successful comeback, because Zhu closed the match by 11:4 in the sixth game. 

Zhu Yuling will face Liu Shiwen in semifinals. Liu overcame Austria's Amelie Solja by 4:0 in quarterfinals and is the favorite to win this match, because she swept with Zhu by 4:0 in semifinals of the 2013 Kuwait Open. In the another semifinals, the world champion Ding Ning will face the Olympic champion Li Xiaoxia. Ding beat South Korea's Yang Haeun by 4:0 in quarterfinals, while Li defeated South Korea's Seo Hyowon by 4:2.  Li Xiaoxia has emerged successfully in the most of their encounters after London 2012, so she is expected to reach the final this time.  

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