Chen Qi Is Liu Guoliang's Favourite Player

Chen Qi Is Liu Guoliang's Favourite Player
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The Chinese Men's Team is the strongest table tennis team in the world where there is no scarcity of talents. However, in the sea of talented players, the head coach Liu Guoliang identifies one of his favourites and he is no other than the 2004 Athens Olympics Doubles champion, Chen Qi. In his post in PingPang World, Liu Guoliang revealed the striking personalities of Chen Qi. 


PingPang World. The Chinese Men's Team has no scarcity of talents in table tennis. However, as the head coach of the strongest team in the world, Liu Guoliang has some favourites too and one of them is the 2004 Olympic Doubles champion, Chen Qi. 

"Chen Qi is one of my favourite players in the National Team. Fans usually considers him a 'cute murderer'." Liu Guoliang started. 

Chen Qi was scheduled to face Zhang Jike in the last day of the second stage of the 2013 World Championships Squad Trials. Before the match, no one can trace any pressure from Chen Qi's face. He was chatting and joking with his teammates and coaches. Basing from that, no one would think he was capable of killing the newest Grand Slam champion in the arena. 

"Chen Qi played extremely well. His forehands were crazy which suppressed Zhang Jike's offensive rhythm. Chen Qi firmly seized his opportunities which were not that certain before the match. At the end, Chen Qi overtook Zhang Jike in third place and qualified for the third and final stage of the trials." Liu Guoliang said. 

After the impressive 3-0 match, the media and coaches all applauded the veteran.   

For the head coach, the murderous qualities of Chen Qi do not only include his technical style in the arena but the ability of his expression to threaten his opponent as well. On the other hand, Liu Guoliang revealed that outside the arena, Chen Qi is also a very fun-loving person. 

"In a promo shoot of the Men's Team for a TV station, Chen Qi was very willing to do all sorts of actions just to meet the needs of the photographer. Even though he is being asked to do different poses over and over, Chen Qi was still patient and was still joking with his teammates." Liu Guoliang recalled. 

Later, the head coach revealed that one of the reasons for such happiness was Chen Qi's new born son. "That explained his extreme happiness. However, speaking for myself, it is still very hard to think that such a face is already a father. All the 4 million fans in Weibo have always been fans of Chen Qi. For sure, my announcement was a terrible news for many female fans." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

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Chen Qi: Liu Guoliang's Favourite


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