China Helps Singapore In Fitness Training

China Helps Singapore In Fitness Training
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The Singaporean Women's Team is the strongest rival of China in table tennis. Since China started to dominate the table tennis arena, it was only the Singaporean Team who was able to overcome such superpower. In order to strengthen their potentials further, Singapore received an assistance from China on the aspect of physical training. Retired fitness coach Shi Hongfan recently visited Singapore and will stay for two weeks. 


Sina Sports. The former Chinese table tennis team's fitness coach Shi Hongfan recently came to Singapore to aide them on physical training. In the Toa Payoh Sports Hall, Shi Hongfan saw a high overall level from the Singaporean Team however he also saw there are plenty of room for improvement. 

The retired fitness coach Shi Hongfan came to the Lion City last week and will be staying for two weeks to help the Singaporean Team. He let players run, crawl under the table tennis table, and some quick movements side step actions. 

After the training, players were all soaked in sweat but just as soon as they caught their breath, Shi Hongfan surprised the players as he threw some balls for them to catch. This exercise was to test the players' speed and explosiveness. 

At the end of the day, Shi Hongfan commended Feng Tianwei: "This girl has too much potential!" 

Shi Hongfan is a famous high jumper in the 1950's. He retired in 1971 and served the Chinese Women's High Jump Team as a coach for 24 years. After he retired as a coach in 1997, he was with Cai Zhenhua and served the Chinese Table Tennis Team as a physical fitness coach. After he came to the team, the Chinese table tennis players greatly improved and dominated in the competitions. Credits should naturally be given to Shi Hongfan. 

"The trend in developing table tennis players is putting emphasis on the physical training. The training here is very committed. Coaches and leaders are responsible. There are a lot of potential to be tapped. There is a big difference between the Chinese and Singaporean Teams and one of them is a high degree of training. The Singaporean Team should put more thought on their training." Shi Hongfan said. 

Let us witness the changes Shi Hongfan will incur on the Singaporean Team in the upcoming events. 

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