Kong Linghui: The Squad Trials Is Getting Much Harder! (Photos)

Kong Linghui: The Squad Trials Is Getting Much Harder! (Photos)
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As the new head coach of the Chinese Women's Team, Kong Linghui is indeed hands on with the ongoing 2013 World Championships Squad Trials in Chengdu. Now that the competition has already passed the half way mark, Kong Linghui warns all his players to be more cautious as things will be getting much dirtier with tighter schedules and physically demanding matches. At the end, Kong Linghui extended his hope that his players, especially the main ones to be able to adhere to lthe challenges.


Sina Sports. The 2013 World Championships Squad Trials have passed the half way mark of their competition after the 11th round took place yesterday, February 4 in Chengdu. At the end of the day, as the head coach, Kong Linghui reminded everyone to pay more attention to the competition as the intensity is about to get higher. 

"I know that everyone are already exhausted after the 11th round. There are already various negative reactions being showed by the bodies of the players however these are not major injuries except for Fan Ying who wasn't able to overcome the pain." Kong Linghui started.  

In addition, Kong Linghui gave some examples of players who are actually struggling with minor injuries. "Until now, Wu Yang's performance it still good although I know she is having treatment and still needs bloodletting. For Cao Zhen, after losing many matches, she finally won. I hope everyone will be able to see such a good example and will not consider their negative factors." Kong Linghui added. 

Speaking of injuries, we all know that it can be overcome by various treatments but for the head coach, the best way to deal with these challenges is to add a positive attitude towards it. 

"Starting tomorrow (February 5), the most brutal and intense part of the competition will kick in. Survival will not only depend on technical skills but the strength of your will and disposition. This is the biggest test so I hope everyone will have a good state of mind especially the main four players. Tomorrow, everyone will fight for four straight games unlike before that you still had time to rest and adjust in between." Kong Linghui concluded. 

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