Li Jiawei Wants To Play Table Tennis Again

Li Jiawei Wants To Play Table Tennis Again
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Months have passed after the Singaporean table tennis player Li Jiawei has retired from her athletic career. In an interview during the Spring Festival, the retried player admitted that she indeed misses to play table tennis. In addition, Li Jiawei also revealed that at first, she hesitated to retire due to a very wonderful performance she had in the 2012 London Olympics. However, due to family matters, Li Jiawei finally decided to end her athletic career. 


Beijing Evening News. The Singaporean Women's Team has lost a very reliable player after Li Jiawei announced her retirement late of 2012. In her recent interview during the Spring festival, Li Jiawei admits she misses table tennis. 

Q: I remember you told me that after the London Olympics, you would retire. However, after the Olympic Games, you hesitated. Why is that so? 

Li Jiawei: Actually, speaking from the heart, giving up was a pity. I played very well in the London Olympics, my level was restored. It was even better then before especially in the last game where I played extremely well. That was the only reason for the hesitation. I felt that there would be no problem if I continue to play for the next four years. 

Q: When you announced your retirement, you were in tears. It was clear that such decision was hard. But why retire? 

A: My family strongly opposed the idea of me continuing to play table tennis. After all my parents and my family are all in Beijing. My son is studying kindergarten in Beijing as well. It was unrealistic for me to spend four more years in Singapore. I wasn't able to completely thought about the effect on my son. In addition, I also had a leg injury, although it was not that serious. That is why I followed the views of my family.

Having to play table tennis all her life, the sport has naturally came a part of Li Jiawei. Although she is already with her family in Beijing, Li Jiawei still thinks of playing table tennis. "Right now, I still miss table tennis even though my life there could be painful with losses and tight schedules." Li Jiawei concluded. 

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