Li Xiaoxia Not In A Good Condition (Photos)

Li Xiaoxia Not In A Good Condition (Photos)
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The 2013 World Championships Squad Trials of the Chinese Women's Team kicked off last Satrurday with an upset recorded by the reigning Olympic champion Li Xiaoxia. In the opening round, Li Xiaoxia succumb to a 1-3 defeat against a young player named Liu Xi. In an interview after the match, head coach Kong Linghui explained three reasons for her defeat but the bottom line is still poor playing condition. 

Tencent Sports. The Chinese Women's Team kicked off their version of the 2013 World Championships Squad Trials last Saturday, February 2, in Chengdu. For the opening round, an upset was immediately recorded after the Olympic champion Li Xiaoxia posted defeat. 

In the round, Li Xiaoxia actually got the first set. However, the young player Liu Xi found her opportunities in the second set and got to post a 2-1 lead. In the fourth set, Li Xiaoxia actually had the chance as she was in a 9-7 advantage. However, the Olympic champion failed to convert such advantage to victory. Liu Xi caught up in 10-10 before overtaking to 14-12. At the end, Liu Xi stood victorious against Li Xiaoxia. 

If this happened in the real competition, the reigning Olympic champion could have been saying good bye from the championship title. 

There were three reasons cited for the defeat. injury is the first. In the Austrian Open held just recently, Li Xiaoxia had to give up the finals against Ding Ning because of the pain from her wrist. "It was her old problem. This player is very positive. After she got off the plane, she went straight to therapy. Now, I can say that she is slowly recovering. Because it was an old injury, the treatment has been easier compared to the new one." Kong Linghui revealed. 

However, the injury was not considered to be the most important reason. "There is a certain relationship. However I feel that the main reason is her lack of technical preparation." Kong Linghui added. 

The third reason is the increasing momentum of new and younger names in the team. "The other one is her mental state against younger players. She was not too accurate. She was just too tight in the arena." Kong Linghui said. 

In line with this, the head coach has some words of caution. "These young players are too destructive. There are around four or five athletes like that. If you would just be slightly careless then you would be in trouble." Kong Linghui concluded. 

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