Wang Liqin & His Magic Tricks (Video)

Wang Liqin & His Magic Tricks (Video)
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Wang Liqin is the three-time world champion. Being a veteran in the Chinese Team, Wang Liqin has reaches the point in his career where pressure in competition is lesser than ever before. Despite not being in the centre of attention nowadays, Wang Liqin still has a stable position within the Chinese Team. In a recent video post in Weibo, Wang Liqin was seen playing tricks with his racket and table tennis ball.  


China News. Wang Liqin has already reached the point in his life where there is lesser pressure. For the past two weeks, Wang Liqin was not with the Chinese Team in the Kuwait and Qatar Open, and instead stayed in Beijing. During this period, it seems Wang Liqin was enjoying his time. 

The last competition for Wang Liqin was the 2013 World Championships Squad Trials. Even though Wang Liqin failed to progress into the third and final stage of the competition, Wang Liqin is still regarded as an important figure within the Chinese Team. 

After a shaky start in the squad trials, Wang Liqin was able to recover and nailed a four-game winning streak against Qiu Yike, Liu Jikang, Fang Bo and Fan Zhendong. Indeed, the 35-year old Wang Liqin is still capable of showing his fighting spirit to the younger players.  

"At the start, the psychological pressure might be too big which can lead to adverse effects on your performance. You just need timely adjustments and constant communication with the coach. In addition, always remind yourself not to give additional burden on yourself." Wang Liqin said. 

While the new generation of the Chinese Team is currently in Doha for the 2013 Qatar Open, the Shanghai veteran Wang Liqin is left in Beijing. Unlike the delegates in Doha, Wang Liqin clearly has lesser pressure. 

In a video post in Weibo, Wang Liqin was seen doing some magic tricks with his racket and table tennis ball. 

Wang Liqin & His Magic Tricks
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