Zhang Jike: 2012 Qingdao Great Personality Awardee (Photos)

Zhang Jike: 2012 Qingdao Great Personality Awardee (Photos)
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As the winner of the 2012 Olympic Games, Zhang Jike was no doubt the most prominent table tennis personality in and out of China. Just after the year ended, Zhang Jike was awarded the Qingdao Great Personality Award for the year 2012. However, due to trainings for the upcoming competitions, it was his ever supportive parents, Zhang Chuanming and Xu Xiying who accepted the award on his behalf. In an interview, his parents can not be any prouder of their son. 


QTV. Last January 31, 2013, the annual Qingdao Great Personality Awarding ceremony took place where the reigning Olympic champion and Qingdao local Zhang Jike was one of the awardees. But because of other engagement, Zhang Jike's parents received the award on their son's behalf. 

As the reigning Olympic champion and the newest Grand Slam champion in table tennis, there is no wonder Zhang Jike has received a number of awards last year. Of course, as a Qingdao local, Zhang Jike has added one more award which was the 2012 Qingdao Great Personality Award. However, in preparation for the 2013 Kuwait and Qatar Opens, Zhang Jike was stuck with training and could not afford to be home and receive the award. 

Result, Zhang Jike's parents Zhang Chuanming and Xu Xiying attended the said awarding ceremony and proudly accepted the award in their son's behalf. As the father of a Grand Slam champion, Zhang Chuanming was really proud of what his son has contributed to the country. 

"These came as expected. Everything was according to the plan I've made for him. From being a provincial champion, national champion, world champion and the Olympic champion. I hope that he will continue to play even better." Zhang Chuanming said. 

In previous reports, it was told that Zhang Chuanming has instilled a very harsh training and development for Zhang Jike in the sport. There were stories about rigorous trainings and punishments. In connection to this, Zhang Chuanming would like to defend himself as he was just doing what he thought was right. 

"On this area, we must be the best. We must fight to be the first!" Zhang Chuanming concluded. 

Indeed, Zhang Jike benefited with all the exhausting training he had with his father. Zhang Jike may have the potential to be a table tennis star but it was his father, Zhang Chuanming who brought out the potential at an early age.

Zhang Jike won the 2013 Kuwait Open, defeating his biggest competition Ma Long along the way. 

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Zhang Jike: 2012 Qingdao Great Personality Awardee

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