Zhang Jike Fell In February's World Ranking!

Zhang Jike fell in February's World Ranking!
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Zhang Jike was affected by his defeat against Taku Takakiwa at the 2013 Austrian Open and went down to the third place of the world ranking's list. Ma Long replaced his compatriot in the second place, while Xu Xin remains at the top. Fang Bo was rewarded by his victory in Austria and reached the top 25.


February's world ranking brought surprises to Chinese players. Zhang Jike fell to the third place of the world ranking and was replaced by Ma Long in the second place. However, everything can happen after the Kuwait Open because Ma Long has 2813 points, while Zhang Jike has 2812. Xu Xin stays in the first place with 2847 points. 

Wang Hao and Timo Boll remain in the fourth and fifth place, respectively. Chuang Chih-Yuan exchanged places with Ma Lin and moved from the seventh to the sixth spot. Jun Mizutani hasn't participated in the last World Tour's events, but even so he climbed from the 10th to 8th place. 

Fang Bo, winner of the 2013 Austrian Open, was highly rewarded and moved from 74th to 24th spot. Taku Takakiwa also gave a big jump in the world ranking list for his victory over Zhang Jike in quarterfinals of the 2013 Austrian Open and went up from the 45th to 29th place. Zhou Yu also benefited from his participation in Austria and climbed from 52th to 37th spot. Par Gerell also saw improvements in his ranking after jumping from 100th to 72th spot.

There were no big changes at the top of the women's world ranking list. Ding Ning stays in the first spot followed by Liu Shiwen, Li Xiaoxia, Guo Yan and Kim Kyungah. Elizabeta Samara lost some points in January and fell from the 14th to 19th place. Sweden's Li Fen reappeared in the world tour circuit and moved from 275th to 79th place after her performances in the Spanish and Austrian Open. 

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