Zhang Jike: Fully Recovered? (Videos)

Zhang Jike: Fully Recovered? (Videos)
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The 2012 London Olympics was the biggest highlight for Zhang Jike's career. It was the main venue where he was able to complete his Grand Slam. However, after such glorious moment, Zhang Jike suffered from unstable condition and struggled to recover to his best state. Now in the two Open stations in Kuwait and Qatar, Zhang Jike seemed to be on his way to restoration. He won the Kuwait Open and has already booked his place in the quarterfinals in Qatar. 


Qilu Evening News. Zhang Jike had his most glorious moment in the 2012 London Olympics. After such competition, the Grand Slam champion seemed to be having trouble in recovery. However, in this two weeks, Zhang Jike is now on his way to recovery. 

There is no doubt that Zhang Jike's biggest highlight was the 2012 London Olympics. At that time, he exceeded all expectations and went against the odds. In both Singles and Team events, Zhang Jike was able to make a solid contribution in the overall victory of China in the Olympic scene. 

However, after the highlight of his career, Zhang Jike obviously struggled to recover his best playing condition. He wasn't at his best and was even vulnerable against any opponent. 

In the 2012 Chinese National Championships, Zhang Jike failed to reach the finals after losing against a rookie Zhou Yu. In the Chinese Super League, Zhang Jike's performance was not stable enough to bring his Shandong Team into the finals. In fact, his poor performance in the semifinals was one great reason for the team's defeat. He lost to Wang Liqin and Xu Xin. 

After which, Zhang Jike participated in the second stage of the 2013 World Championships Squad Trials. Once again, his performance was unstable. He had some brilliant performances, but it ended on a losing note. In the last day, Zhang Jike was crushed by the veteran Chen Qi and slipped down to the fourth spot. 

Although defeat is still a defeat, the Chinese Team might be able to tolerate them as all were against his teammate. However, in the first Open station that the Chinese Team participated for 2013, Zhang Jike was the victim after he lost to a Japanese player, Taku Takakiwa in the quarterfinals. 

However, in the 2013 Kuwait Open, Zhang Jike showed the world that he still has the drive to win especially when he overcame his biggest competition, Ma Long in just five sets. This is perhaps, Zhang Jike's best performance against Ma Long in his career. 

Zhang Jike vs Ma Long 2013 Kuwait Open
video kindly shared by janus770

This week in Qatar, Zhang Jike has been doing good. He ushered the competition with a 4-0 against Asuka Sakai and defeated Christophe Legout in 4-1. Earlier today in the Round 16, Zhang Jike survived the challenge from Tang Peng in 4-0 and successfully booked his place in the quarterfinals. 

Zhang Jike vs Asuka Sakai 2013 Qatar Open
video kindly shared by TableTennisEevnts

Now, Zhang Jike's test is if he can redeem himself against Yan An in the next round of the Men's Singles. 

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