Zhang Jike Is Single & Ready To Mingle! (Photos)

Zhang Jike Is Single & Ready To Mingle! (Photos)
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With the talent in table tennis, a distinctive character and good looks, Zhang Jike is a sports celebrity in China and the hottest table tennis player in the world. In 2012 alone, Zhang Jike earned a total of 1.625 million dollars. With these to consider, it is actually easy to believe that he is in a relationship. However, this eligible bachelor is in fact single and ready to mingle! Before going into the London Olympics, Zhang Jike said that he will only have a girlfriend if he wins the Olympic title. Now that he has done it, would he be in a relationship anytime soon? 


Sina Sports. According to Han Qiaosheng, the CCTV reporter who hosted the Lunar New Year Cup, "Zhang Jike is one of the hottest players in all China!." 

Unlike Sun Yang, the 2012 London Olympic swimming champion, who is rumoured to be dating a flight attendant for three years now, our Zhang Jike is absolutely single and ready to mingle! 

In year 2012, Zhang Jike increased his value exponentially after he won two Olympic gold medals in London, Men's Singles and Men's Team events. It is reported that for that year alone, Zhang Jike has earned a total of 13 million yuan, in dollars, 1.625 million. Zhang Jike has invested houses for his parents and drives a Maserati to training. 

With all these, coupled with his distinctive personality, it is quite hard to believe while Zhang Jike still doesn't have a girlfriend. This was confirmed by Zhang Jike's ever supportive dad and a childhood friend Jing Tao. 

"No, he really doesn't have a girlfriend. If ever he has, how come we do not know?" Indeed, there is a point well raised there. Zhang Jike is considered a sports celebrity. He has the most number of fans among the Chinese Men's Team and media's eyes are always on him. This makes it difficult for Zhang Jike to hide a relationship. 

When he was younger, Zhang Jike was already rumoured to be dating Liu Shiwen. Although this news was not really confirmed by both parties, recent news would give you an idea that it could be true. According to reports, Zhang Jike admitted that him and Liu Shiwen are over while the latter revealed that Zhang Jike is all in the past. 

While the Zhang Jike - Liu Shiwen did not work, another rumour broke off and this time it was with Ding Ning. However, Zhang Jike exresslt admitted that Ding Ning was just a close friend and admires her playing attitude in the arena. Simply said, nothing special going on. 

Before going into the 2012 London Olympics, Zhang Jike said that only when he wins the Olympic Singles championship title will he have a girlfriend. Now that he's done it, could we expect him standing next to his girlfriend? 

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