2013 World Team Classic: Who Could Challenge The Chinese Team? (Videos)

2013 World Team Classic: Who Could Challenge The Chinese Team? (Videos)
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The Chinese Team winning in any table tennis competition has been a very common scenario for decades now. With this, they are always the team to beat and in the upcoming 2013 World Team Classic, which is going to start tomorrow, the Chinese Men's Team will once again come to defend the championship title. However, we can never rule out the chance of an upset. This time, who could be the strongest competitor of the Chinese Team?


Sina Sports. The 2013 World Team Cup will officially commence tomorrow, March 28 in Guangzhou. Just like any world competitions, the Chinese Team is once again the team to beat. But who could be their strongest opponent this time? 

The top four players in the world will be the ones defending the Chinese Men's Team in Guangzhou. They are Ma Long, Xu Xin, Zhang Jike and Wang Hao. In addition to this, the three-time world champion Wang Liqin will also be on duty, making their lineup a formidable one. 

Although the Chinese Men's Team has remained strong for over a decade now, the chance for an upset from brave competitors will always be inevitable. 

Since Boll's existence started to be noticed in the world of table tennis, the German Team has also been considered the main rival of the Chinese Team. With Boll's ability to turn results around, Chinese players have always prepared for him. However, this time in Guangzhou, both Timo Boll and the rising star Dimitrij Ovtcharov are not on duty. 

The German Team will be represented by Bastian Steger, Patrick Baum, and Patrick Franziska. Basing from previous performances of their players, the German Team won't be that much of a threat. 

Aside from Germany, the South Korean men are not to be taken seriously as well especially with the presence of their veteran trio of Joo Sae Hyuk, Ryu Seung Min and Oh Sang Eun. However, these three won't be present in Guangzhou and instead the team will be represented by Jung Young Sik, Seo Hyun Deok, Lee Sang Su, and Cho Eon Rae

It is worth noting that both Lee Sang Su and Seo Hyun Deok have defeated Ma Long and Zhang Jike before, giving a certain degree of threat to the Chinese players. 

Ma Long vs Lee Sang Su 2012 Korean Open MS R16
video kindly shared by janus770

The third team that could give a difficult time for the Chinese Team is coming from Japan. Unlike the previous two teams mentioned, Japan will have their reliable players: Jun Mizutani, Koki Niwa and Kenta Matsudaira

With the experience and the skills, Mizutani is a strong player. Meanwhile, Koki Niwa, although still very young, his promising talent has already been seen by many especially when he defeated Ma Long in the Olympic qualifier. 

Ma Long vs Koki Niwa Olympic Qualifier
video kindly shared by janus770

In the previous season, the team that really challenged the Chinese Team was Russia after Kiril Skachkov stole two points from them, defeating the veteran Ma Lin in two occasions. This weekend, who could follow the footsteps of Russia?   

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