A Closer Look At The Chinese Team's Closed Training In Chengdu

A Closer Look At The Chinese Team's Closed Training In Chengdu
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In preparation for the 2013 World Championships in Paris, the Chinese Men's Team has already started their rigorous Closed Training in Chengdu. Just like their previous Closed Trainings, this one also has very strict guidelines to follow, making the team members isolated from the public and even from the media people. 


Chengdu Evening News. The Chinese Men's Team has officially started their Closed Training in Chengdu yesterday in preparation for the 2013 World Championships in Paris. With the word "Closed," head coach Liu Guoliang has employed the literal meaning of such word into their training camp. 

The Chinese Men's Team, except for Zhang Jike and Xiao Zhan has already arrived in Chengdu last week, March 13 but the formal training was scheduled to commence at the start of this week. 

We have heard about the Closed Training of the Chinese Team countless of times already. Every year, both the men and the women's team conduct their respective Closed Trainings in preparation for the upcoming competitions, but it is usually done for big events like the World Championships and the Olympics. 

This year, the Chinese Men's Team, under the supervision of the head coach Liu Guoliang will be spending the next 40 days in Chengdu. But what really happens during a Closed Training? 

According to some Chinese reporters who have been familiar with such training, during this time, the Chinese Team is isolated from the public. All visitors, including the media people are not allowed to visit the team anytime they want. A prior appointment is needed. In addition, most parts of the stadium is also off limits to strangers especially the kitchen. 

According to an insider, these are all the instructions of no other than the head coach Liu Guoliang. Of course, this one in Chengdu is not exempted from the strict regulations of the team. In fact, even vehicles of the students or family members are not allowed to enter the campus. As for the media, their privileges don't apply here as well. There is a strict order that the Closed Training be shielded from all media practitioners except on designated days were the team will accept media. 

For this year's Closed Training, the Chengdu Table Tennis School has replaced the blue rubber floors to the usual red. Of course, this is to help their players adjust to the real environment of the competition. In addition, in order to further enhance the physical stability of the players, the team has also spent some amount of money in the purchase of new training or gym equipments.  

The school has a wide stadium where athletes had their sparring sessions. Just beside the training hall is their quarters. With this, for the next 40 days, all members of the Chinese Men's Team will only have three things to do in a day and these are eat, sleep and train. Eventually, after all the hard work comes the success. 

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