Ding Ning Lost The Battle To Hu Limei For The 4th Spot In Paris! (Video)

Ding Ning Lost The Battle To Hu Limei For The 4th Spot In Paris! (VIDEO)
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There is still no place for the reigning world champion Ding Ning in the upcoming 2013 World Championships in Paris after she lost the battle against teenager Hu Limei for the fourth seat in the actual competition. Today, Hu Limei maintained her great form against Ding Ning, the world's number one with a win in five sets. At the end, as a newcomer, Hu Limei impressively earned her ticket to Paris. 


Sina Sports. Ding Ning has suffered the wrath of the 18-year old Hu Limei for two days now in the second stage of the 2013 World Championships Squad Trials. Today, the reigning world champion Ding Ning missed the fourth spot in the lineup for Paris. 

The penultimate day of the 2013 World Championships Squad Trials of the Chinese Women's Team produced an upset yesterday, March 7, after the world's number one and the reigning world champion Ding Ning was defeated by a young player from the second team, Hu Limei. It was a crushing 0-3 for Ding Ning

"Even though, Hu Limei has been in the second team, I actually prepared quite fully before the match. The difficulties I encountered were high. My ball handling and control were bad. I did not want to fight in the second round. I only thought of playing well and prepared for it. Because Hu Limei has been winning since the group stage, I will certainly attached great importance to her." Ding Ning said yesterday.

Based on the rules, Ding Ning still had a chance to be in Paris as the fourth qualified player if she won all her battles today. Her first opponent was Chen Meng (3-2) then followed by Li Xiaodan who defeated Zhu Yuling in their match. Ding Ning won her two matches and sealed her place in the finals against Hu Limei. 

For their second encounter, Ding Ning once again encountered a strong Hu Limei today, March 8. The opening set was tight but Ding Ning was able to post a good head start with 12-10. This eventually gave Ding Ning a good momentum into the second set with 7-3 lead. However, with a solid defense, the young challenger was able to catch up in 8-8. Both had to level in 10-10 before Ding Ning lost her advantage and Hu Limei levelled in 1-1.

Ding Ning did not actually lost her fighting spirit in the third set and even posted a good lead of 7-3. But the challenger was not in any way trying to retreat. Hu Limei also fought and posted a 3-1 lead. With this, Ding Ning was placed in great danger. In addition, to the impressive strength of Hu Limei in the arena, Ding Ning was lost in the fifth set. 

At the end of the day, Hu Limei once again defeated Ding Ning (10-12, 12-10, 11-8, 11-8, 11-5) and joins Li Xiaoxia, Liu Shiwen, and Wu Yang in qualifying for the 2013 World Championships Women's Singles in Paris. 

Hu Limei vs Ding Ning

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