Ding Ning Misses Another Chance To Qualify For The 2013 World Championships (Videos)

Ding Ning Misses Another Chance To Qualify For The 2013 World Championships (VIDEOS)
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The reigning world champion Ding Ning is still not sure if she can defend her title in this year's World Championships in Paris after she missed another chance in the Chinese Women's Team Squad Trials held in Inner Mongolia. Today, Ding Ning failed to reach the finals after she lost to the dark horse Hu Limei in the semifinals. Eventually, it is the chopper Wu Yang who sealed a place in the actual competition in Paris.  


Sina Sports. The Chinese Women's Team had their penultimate day of their 2013 World Championships Squad Trials today, March 7 where the reigning world champion Ding Ning still hasn't booked a place for the Women's Singles in Paris. 

Zhu Yuling, Wu Yang, Ding Ning and Hu Limei were the top four players in the ongoing squad trials of the Chinese Women's Team in Inner Mongolia. Earlier today for the semifinals, Zhu Yuling fought against Wu Yang while Ding Ning faced the dark horse Hu Limei. 

In the upper half, Zhu Yuling immediately gained the momentum and led in a commanding 2-0. However, Zhu Yuling wasn't able to maintain her advantage after her opponent caught up and levelled in 2-2. At this point, Zhu Yuling was placed under great pressure as Wu Yang continued to show herself in the battle. 

At the end of a full five-set match, Zhu Yuling lost what she invested earlier in the match as Wu Yang took the place in the finals with 5-11, 4-11, 11-6, 12-10, 11-8. 

Wu Yang vs Zhu Yuling Video kindly shared by ttjanus

Meanwhile, in the lower half of the draw, Ding Ning struggled against Hu Limei, the substitute of Guo Yue in the competition. Their match started with much intensity as both players were tied in several points. In a bottleneck, Hu Limei got the first advantage. 

Ding Ning did not show any sign of retreat as the match progressed but at the same time, Hu Limei was also gaining much more momentum. Although in very slim margins, Hu Limei was able to sweep the reigning world champion and the current number one in the world Ding Ning (14-12, 12-10, 11-9).

Ding Ning vs Hu Limei Video kindly shared by ttjanus

With this, the member of the Chinese second team Hu Limei advanced into the finals leaving Ding Ning with another wasted opportunity to qualify for the 2013 World Championships. 

Eventually, the final match was between Wu Yang and Hu Limei. This time, Hu Limei's magic weakened as she suffered the pressure from the reality. Meanwhile, Wu Yang maintained her momentum and was confident enough in the arena. In four straight sets, Wu Yang ended the hopes of Hu Limei in 11-1, 12-10, 11-2, 11-9. 

At the end of the penultimate day, Wu Yang is the third person to qualify for the 2013 World Championships Women's Singles in Paris. 

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