Guo Yue Replaced By Chang Chenchen For The 2013 World Team Classic

Guo Yue Replaced By Chang Chenchen For The 2013 World Team Classic
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The 2012 London Olympic Team champion Guo Yue has been plagued by injuries at the start of this year which forced her to withdraw from some of the important competitions. Since her physical condition hasn't fully recovered yet, Guo Yue is replaced by Chang Chenchen in the upcoming 2013 World Team Classic.  


Sina Sports. The 2013 World Team Classic is scheduled to unfold next week, March 28 to 31 in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. With one week left, the Chinese Women Team made some changes involving the replacement of Guo Yue. 

Yesterday, March 21, the head coach of the Chinese Women's Team Kong Linghui announced the final list of players who will be participating in the World Team Cup next week. Unfortunately for the London Olympic Team champion Guo Yue, her name was not included. 

The final list of participants of the Chinese Women's Team includes Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia, Liu Shiwen, and Wu Yang. To complete the full lineup, Guo Yue was replaced by Chang Chenchen

The Chinese Women's Team is currently in Zhongshan, Guangdong for their scheduled Closed Training. Along with the players, coaches and staff was Guo Yue who also joined in the training. Since the player has been absent from training for quite some time and the competition is just around the corner, Kong Linghui and the rest of the coaching staff decided to cancel her participation in the World Team Cup. 

The process of selecting who will be the replacement was competitive bringing Wen Jia, Chang Chenchen, Feng Yalan, Rao Jingwen, Wang Xuan and Li Xiaodan into a battle. After a series of rounds, Cheng Chenchen emerged victorious. 

There are no changes in the lineup of the men's team: Zhang Jike, Ma Long, Xu Xin, Wang Liqin and Ma Lin

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