Joo Sae Hyuk: I Still Rely On Medication (Videos)

Joo Sae Hyuk: I Still Rely On Medication (Videos)
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The South Korean veteran Joo Sae Hyuk is just one of the very few defending players who was able to maintain his existence in the world of table tennis. Throughout his career, Joo Sae Hyuk's highest achievement was ten years ago in the Paris World Championships, finishing as the runner up. In this year's competition, Joo Sae Hyuk is very excited to participate but considering his health condition, there is still no assurance that he will be seen in action in the arena. 


Xinhua Net. Table tennis is usually dominated by attacking players but as one of the few successful defenders in the sport, the South Korean veteran Joo Sae Hyuk has maintained his existence through his dynamic style of playing. 

However, because of his present health condition, the world's best defender, Joo Sae Hyuk admitted that he is still not sure of his current status for the 2013 World Championships in Paris. 

"As of now, I still do not know if my condition will permit me to participate in the competition or not. I will be returning to South Korea after the Asia-Euro All Star Challenge for training and treatment." Joo Sae Hyuk said after defeating Chen Weixing in the last match for the Asian leg of the All Star Challenge, completing the 7-3 win for Asia. 

Joo Sae Hyuk vs Chen Weixing 2013 Asia-Euro All Star Challenge
video kindly shared by TTJanus

After the 2012 London Olympics, Joo Sae Hyuk revealed that he was diagnosed to have the Behcet's disease

"My condition hasn't been completely healed as of now. My injury also has some effects. I didn't get to have comprehensive training for the past six months. I still rely on continuous medication so that I will be able to adhere to training and competition." Joo Sae Hyuk added. 

Ten years ago in Paris, Joo Sae Hyuk took centre stage in the 47th World Championships after he defeated Ma Lin and sealed his place in the finals against Werner Schlager. However, in six sets, Joo Sae Hyuk settled as the runner up. This was the highest achievement of Joo Sae Hyuk in his career. 

Joo Sae Hyuk vs Werner Schlager 2003 World Championships MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

"As of now, I get excited thinking about the upcoming World Championships. At that time I was still a rookie. Paris is my lucky place. This time, I just really hope that I would get to participate in the competition." Joo Sae Hyuk concluded.  

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