Liu Guoliang Wants The Chinese Team To Be The Nba Of Table Tennis (Photos)

Liu Guoliang Wants The Chinese Team To Be The NBA Of Table Tennis (Photos)
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The NBA players of the United States are no doubt the kings in the basketball hard courts. As for the table tennis arena, it is the Chinese players who hold such position. Both are actually leaders in their respective field but the level of influence they posses are not at par. With this, the new head coach of the Chinese Team, Liu Guoliang, is giving all his efforts to make the Chinese Team the NBA of table tennis. 


Tianjin Net. Having to win every competition they participate into, the Chinese Team is considered as the dominating figure in table tennis. With such leading position, Liu Guoliang just thinks they bear the responsibility for the development and promotion of the sport internationally. 

This year marks a new Olympic cycle and for the Chinese Team, this is a great time for new developments and targets, including the promotion of table tennis on a wider scale. At the start of 2013, we have witnessed Liu Guoliang's efforts in promoting the sport. 

First, Liu Guoliang introduced the first ever online voting integrated in the Squad Trials, aiming to attract active participation of the local fans of the Chinese players. Indeed, such event was successful as a great number of fans voted for their favourite players. 

Second is the exchange of players. In an interview, Liu Guoliang revealed that Ma Lin and Wang Hao will both play for Russian Clubs this year. In return, Liu Guoliang has also helped the German players Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov in the negotiations for their participation in the upcoming Chinese Super League. For him, these exchanges will be a good help in the promotion of the sport. 

The third one is a new development in the competition system. Days ago, ITTF announced that on the 2013 Korean Open in Incheon, Liu Guoliang suggested that there should be a different pairing for the Doubles events. This means that the Chinese players will be paired with a player from another country. This is still in line with the ongoing efforts to promote the sport. 

"We are a table tennis country. We have the identity of being the big brother of table tennis in the international scene and we should play that role. How can we play this leading role or why should we allow others to play with us? It is necessary to come up with a sincere attitude and let everyone feel it. This sincerity will only be achieved if we play together and not just talk about it." Liu Guoliang said. 

"The NBA is doing really well and they led the development of the CBA or the Chinese Basketball Association. I hope that we can also play such leading role even in our own little way." Liu Guoliang concluded. 

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Chinese Team for the 2012 London Olympics


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