Liu Shiwen: Under New Coach (Photos)

Liu Shiwen: Under New Coach (Photos)
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Liu Shiwen is under a new management after her personal coach Kong Linghui has been promoted as the new head coach of the Chinese Women's Team. Since the promotion, Liu Shiwen has been training with Liu Zhiqiang. In her recent interview, she admitted that her relationship with the new coach is okay but due to the various activities that the Chinese Team had to participate, Liu Shiwen's got obviously thinner. Lastly, Liu Shiwen is excited to play the World Team Cup in her hometown.


Guangzhou Daily. Liu Shiwen has been under new management after her long-term personal coach Kong Linghui was promoted to being the head coach of the Chinese Women's Team. According to Liu Shiwen, she has already established a good relationship with her new coach, Liu Zhiqiang. 

Liu Shiwen has been under the strict guidance of coach Kong Linghui for the last six years. But since Kong Linghui has been promoted to head coach position, Liu Shiwen is now under a new management. Coach Liu Zhiqiang is the new coach of Liu Shiwen. He has served the women's team for a long time now as a sparring partner and has already gained deep knowledge and understanding about the sport and the players. 

"I have been training with coach Liu for two or three months. We have already communicated a lot." Liu Shiwen said. 

Liu Shiwen appeared before the media for her her recent press conference with a pack of ice on her right shoulder. "Since the volume of tour Closed Training is quite intense, muscles can be tight. I am just avoiding any injuries." Liu Shiwen explained. 

Last February 8, Liu Shiwen successfully sealed her place in the 2013 World Championships in Paris after ranking second in the first stage of the Squad Trials. However, just after a few days of rest during the Chinese New Year holidays, Liu Shiwen did not relax and already started her preparation for the succeeding competitions. 

"Recently has been really exhausting. The Chinese Team's players needed to have comprehensive development. In addition to competition and training, we also need to participate in various activities." Liu Shiwen added. 

Before the biggest table tennis event will unfold this year, Liu Shiwen will first defend the Chinese Team in the upcoming 2013 World Team Classic in Guangzhou next week. Being a local, Liu Shiwen of course feels happy. 

"I like the feeling of playing in my home court. Every time I come back, everyone regards me as one of them. It is a very good feeling." Liu Shiwen concluded. 

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