Ma Long: The Superman Of The Chinese Team (Videos)

Ma Long: The Superman Of The Chinese Team (Videos)
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After ten months, the reigning World Cup champion Ma Long has regained the top spot in the world. In the last two weeks in the middle east, Ma Long has reached the finals in both the Kuwait and Qatar Open. Although he was only the runner up in Kuwait, he was the winner in Qatar. And for the recent issue of PingPang World, the table tennis community gives recognition to the superman of the Chinese Team, Ma Long. 


At age 24, Ma Long is considered to be one of the strongest table tennis players in the world. However, despite strength and opportunities, Ma Long's abilities in world competitions have always been questioned. Now that he has the momentum, can he sustain it and finally meet the high expectations of people? 

Ma Long returns to the covers of the PingPang World magazine for their March 2013 issue. In the cover, Ma Long shows everyone what he is and that is being the "Superman" of the Chinese Men's Team. This came quite timely as he also regains the top spot in the world after ten months of waiting. 

Two weeks ago, Ma Long and the rest of the Chinese Team were in an expedition in the Middle East for the Kuwait and Qatar Opens. As the third seed in Kuwait,, Ma Long remained unbeaten and defeated Japanese Jun Mizutani and the top seed Xu Xin before sealing his spot in the finals. 

Ma Long vs Xu Xin 2013 Kuwait Open MS SF
video kindly shared by janus770

On the the other part of the draw, his favourite opponent Zhang Jike also made his way into the finals. Basing from previous results, Ma Long had the advantage but that time, it was the other way around as Zhang Jike found himself in control over his nemesis. It was 4-1 in favour of Zhang Jike. 

Ma Long vs Zhang Jike 2013 Kuwait Open MS F
video kindly shared by janus770

Several days after, the whole Chinese delegation transferred to Doha for the Qatar Open. Once again, Ma Long was unstoppable and became responsible for the ousting Dimitrij Ovtcharov and teammate Xu Xin. For the second consecutive time, Ma Long reached the finals. This time, his opponent was not Zhang Jike who withdrew from the competition due to injury. Instead Ma Long faced Yan An. 

Ma Long vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov 2013 Qatar Open MS QF
video kindly shared by janus770

Although it was the first time for Yan An to reach the finals in any world tour station, this rookie was able to post a great deal of threat to Ma Long. However, being a more experienced player, Ma Long knew how to deal with critical situations. Indeed, Ma Long stayed composed and passed through the hurdle victoriously in the slightest of margins. 

Ma Long vs Yan An 2013 Qatar Open MS F
video kindly shared by janus770

This eventually paved the way into his rightful place in the world rankings. Earlier today, March 1, ITTF announced the coming back of Ma Long with 2897 points, 24 points away from Xu Xin, the world's second player. 

Currently, Ma Long is preparing for the final stage of the 2013 World Championships Squad Trials in Zhenjiang. He tops the Group C with Ma Lin and Yan An and their battle will take place on March 3. In order for him to slowly prove his capacity in world competitions, Ma Long must first get through the trials to qualify in Paris. 

Aside from his impressive techniques, Ma Long is also known to be very smart in the arena which can make his opponent feeling helpless. He is fast in his attacks giving not much chances for his opponent to think. With this, Ma Long is deserving to be called the Superman of the Chinese Team.  

Now, what could be Ma Long's kryptonite?  

Photo source: PingPang World


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