The Chinese Team In The Werner Schlager Academy Again!

The Chinese Team in the Werner Schlager Academy again!
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Once again the Werner Schlager Academy located in Austria was chosen by the Chinese team to make its last preparation for the 2013 World Championships to be held in Paris in May. Chinese stars already visited the Academy before the 2011 World Championships held in Rotterdam and the 2012 World Team Championships held in Dortmund. China got good results on those occasions, so now it wants to repeat the recipe. 


Werner Schlager Academy will be the center of attention before the 2013 World Championships to be held in Paris in May. The Academy located in  Schwechat, Austria will receive Chinese stars who will participate in Paris. The information was confirmed by the Werner Schlager Academy's web page on 11th March. 

In 2011 the Chinese team led by Liu Guoliang visited the Academy for first time. On that occasion, China got three of the four place in the men's singles podium: 1st Zhang Jike, 2nd Wang Hao, 3rd place Timo Boll and Ma Long. In the women's singles, China swept the podium: 1st Ding Ning, 2nd Li Xiaoxia, 3rd Guo Yue and Liu Shiwen. 

In 2012 China also chose the Werner Schlager Academy for its last preparation before the World Team Championships held in Dortmund.  In that tournament China clinched the gold medal in the men's and women's event. In the men's competition China overcame Germany by 3:0, while the women Chinese team got the title back after beating Singapore by the same score. 

Ma Long, Xu Xin, Zhang Jike, Yan An and Wang Hao already secured a place in Paris after winning in the Chinese Trials, while Liu Shiwen, Wu Yang, Hu Limei and Li Xiaoxia booked a ticket in the women's line-up.

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